A big shout of for the Costa Team for getting all our 13 suitcases full of toys into the country WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  It really shows that with God all things are possible!

It’s only been a day, and man, God is really working all around us.  The message on Wednesday in OP from P. Darren about giving the gifts of FAITH, HOPE & LOVE was a perfect  send of message!  We have had many opportunities to put into practice.

Today was a perfect day.  We arrive to Costa about 11:45 were Dave and Lisa met us and navigated us thru a very crowded airport!  They were so welcoming and really made us feel like family.  We arrived at the team house, had some lunch, and went immediately to the business at hand…loving on some peeps!  We did a prayer walk thru a community, that to our understanding, has been radically changed by the outpouring of Jesus 6:8 ministries has been doing.  We visited some homes and were able to meet a few of the future leaders of Celebration Costa Rica.  One particular home was  young man who had been battling with drug issues for a while; he has been delivered, and was baptized recently.  I spoke with him and asked him if we could pray for his continuous freedom in Christ since a couple of the team members had dealt with some battles of addictions/obsessive behavioral patterns.  He could not believe that people like “us” had the same issues.  We also prayed for a wonderful lady that had a stroke, and who looks GREAT, but has had some circulation issues.  Her legs were very swollen and she says at night when she is laying down she can barely sleep from the pain.  We laid hand on her and we want you all to join together in prayer  for complete healing before we leave (December 7th)..To God be the glory!

Fun did not stop there, we went back to the amazing team home and ate a fabulous dinner…You guys who have been  telling us about the food…RIGHT ON!  After that we had a great praise and worship time, then Pastor Spencer gave a powerful word about sacrifice and picking up our cross!!!  Night over…how ’bout NO….we headed to a youth service with P. Jorge were he was talking to them about walking the talk..we had FUN & AMAZING praise and worship, and if you think it ended there…NOPE….we then filled up over 65 bags with candies (they LOVE chocolate) and another 65 bags, per age, and per sex (f/m) with different kinds of gifts for the kids Christmas party tomorrow!!!!  Whoop Whoop.  Thank you all who have been praying and gave to our toy drive!  IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  Pastor Jorge and the church family were amazed by your love and generosity.  We not only had enough for the “planned kids”, he’s going to take the overflow to kids in “outlying areas”.  

Pray for us tomorrow, that we not only bring these cute physical gifts, but we can bring those gifts of HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE to them.  That the kids will understand that the best gift of all, was the Lord sending his precious son, to save the world!  For unto us a child is born…he will take the sin of the world.

We love you Celebration Church Family ALL OVER THE GLOBE

Heicha B.


~ by Celebration Missions on December 5, 2009.

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