Barbwire Scared

I feel so scared when I look up and see barbwire all along the wall.  It is not a pretty site to see.  And when I see those flashback happens and I see drug atics or drunks breaking into a house, that the family has done nothing to him or her and they steal stuff, kill people, or kidnap kids.  I think of back home in the United States that we can go to bed or wake up not hurt or scared that somebody could kill or kidnap you.  And for the kids that they to go to bed worrying that somebody could severely hurt them or kidnap them.  So what they do is lock the house up like it’s crazy, I can’t explain how much they have to lock up.  And they have bars on all the houses all over.  God Bless everyone.

Nick Hill, 13


~ by Celebration IMPACT global on January 8, 2010.

One Response to “Barbwire Scared”

  1. So proud of you for going Nick. What a strong man you are! And a heart for God and His people.. that’s something that not everyone has.

    It is scary to see that in person isn’t it. Funny how we take things for granted until we see how bad it can really be. Keep praying, keep loving and keep writing! I will be reading!

    May God’s safety, strength, wisdom and peace be with you always!

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