Unbelievable Joy!

As we wrap up our trip to Costa Rica, I keep thinking about the joy many of the locals show every day. They have shown us over and over how easy it is to focus on Jesus and that nothing else really matters!

We have seen tragedy, broken homes, health issues, and poverty over and over in just 3 short days. However, in each situation the greatness of God comes shinning through. Children are laughing, parents are grateful, and a very small amount of money goes a long way.

This experience has been incredible for me and our team. I was expecting to be saddened and discouraged by the conditions the locals live in and the sometimes impossible odds they face. However, I was encouraged and filled with joy of the Ticos! God’s people are working here and it is easily seen despite the circumstances. I encourage you all to go on a missions trip and I highly recommend Costa Rica Celebration and 6:8 Ministries!

Luke McCann


~ by Celebration Missions on January 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Unbelievable Joy!”

  1. It is great to hear of all of your experiences. It paints a great picture of how God is working thru everyone and to everyone! God is AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to blog. Praying for your safe travels back home, and the adjustment back to home as I am sure your hearts are focused on and full with Him. I pray that you do not loose sight of what you have gained in Him as the day to day busyness of life gets back in full swing.

  2. I’m a friend of april Oliver, who is from Springfield, Mo. now living in Jacksonville area. She sent me this site. You’ll be in my prayers as you make this journey. I’m so thrilled to read of your group’s excitment to do the Lord’s work. Linda testerman in Ky.

  3. As a dedicated Social Worker, I may belong to another Church, but I would love to know if I could participate in a Missionary Program with Celebration Church. My question, is it possible?

    • Yes it is possible I myself do not go to celebration church and I went, just need to be able to go to the meetings and such!!

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