Costa Rica Feb trip – Our first day

Hello everyone, we have made it safe and sound and have already had a day and 1/2 of awesome experiences.  Sunday afternoon we were priviledged to attend Pastor Jorge and Marisol renewal of vows at the new Celebration Church campus.  It was an awesome night of praise and worship and joyous love between Jorge and Marisol.  All the local friends and family were there, along with all our team.  It was probably the only time we will ever see Pastor Jorge in a full suit.  Woohoo!!  Go Jorge.  Of course Marisol certainly outshined him in her beautiful wedding dress.  We also got to go visit the new homeless ministry and pray over the building.     from Marlene  

Hola amigos! This is Niki here.  We are now on day 2 of our journey.  We had such an amazing day today that started very very early.   Apparently, we just can’t figure out this time zone thing so we were up and at ’em at 4am!  I was kinda miffed when I looked at my watch but thought, “oh well, God must want us up super early today! ”  So we took advantage of the extra free time to dig deeper into the word, practice our Spanish, deliver the packages to Pastor Jorge’s family (the Spongebob TV was a HUGE hit! Pastor Jorge could not stop laughing).  We spent the day preparing Marie Abigail’s new home with fresh paint and lotsa love.  For lunch we were given the opportunity to serve the homeless and eat with them as well.  We made a new friend Jorge that absolutely loves his new Hamburger Helper hat that he insisted Steve surrender to him.  It was hilarious!  Then he made Marlene take his picture with us in his new stylin hat.  For this she received a gigantic wet kiss on the cheek!!!!! woo hoo!!! Tony seems to think  I have a novio (boyfriend)  from the homeless shelter that attempted to make conversation with me about my shoes???  hmmmm. I thought he wanted to play tennis with me?  Yes, my spanish is horrible.. adios  Niki

hi  this is marisa,  hola es marisa, te amo mis amigos de celebration church,  nos otros estamos serviendo dios aqui en costa rica. to our family and friends we are here serving our lord  and savior. we are all having a wonderful time with our new friends in costa rica. we spent all day painting and cleaning a house we are helping  a little girl named  maria abigail. please keep this family in your prayers, as they have had a devastating situation occur.  We will be moving them in their new house tomorrow.  Please keep us all in your prayers – all my prayer warriors out there.  Love Marisa

Hola amigos. Es Tony (aka Antonio estoy aqui).  I’m doing great here.  I having fun serving the Lord down here. A different type of life than in the States.  Gave me a new meaning of “tin” roof.  We did a great job serving the homeless lunch today.  They were very happy that we sat with them and tried to talk in Spanish with them.  BTW: Nikki does not play tennis. (Please read above for more detail).  Got to hang out with my new friend Chi-Chi from the new homeless shelter.  He’s a young and intelligent hombre who will be directing the shelter.  He is very friendly and has had a past that can relate to these men.   Please pray for Chi-Chi and the new homeless shelter.  Spencer gave a wonderful sermon about following Christ and how “uncomfortable” it is to truly follow Christ.  We finally got to visit a local store and bought all the Choco Bigger Bars.  Please ask Steve for more information.  Also got my first Fresca down here. And what made my day was the lady at cash register speaking Spanish to me. What’s funny, she’s Chinese. My friend Marisa bought 2 of those bars and 1 soda. Total cost: 2750.00.   Please send more money por favor. Pronto !!!! o tengo que trabajar para mi comida. Ok my fingers are now tired and my eyes are sleeping.  Oh Marisa sends her love to her prayer warriors in Chicago.  Vaya con dios- Tony


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One Response to “Costa Rica Feb trip – Our first day”

  1. All i can say is WOWWEEEE!!! God is good all the time isn’t He??!! I am so sorry I didn’t realize i could be leaving comments all week!! Oh well…I love you my sis, Marisa and am so proud of you following Jesus with your whole heart!
    Love you and miss you, sis

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