Costa Rica Feb 2010 – Tuesday Update

Hi, this is Marcia.  The experience thus far has been indescribable.  When you see the world through the eyes of Jesus, you see it differently from the natural world.  Through His eyes, you see a lost and hurting world and we have had the privilege to bring hope to a community full of wonderful people.  Lots of young women, with babies – so many visual impressions of poverty, yet so much love and generous spirit.  Micah 6:8 has prepared our hearts for this profoundly life changing experience.  The group has been terrific and I have managed to eek out a few Spanish words – enough to say “no mas” when they think I’m fluent.  Today is my mother’s birthday and I am sure this is the greatest way to celebrate all that she instilled in me.  I know she is looking down from heaven and is blessing me on this spiritual journey.  Wondering if I have another granddaughter yet, but I haven’t felt like the answer is “yes” so I’ll be praying for all of you – I can certainly feel all of your prayers which have sustained and encouraged me.  My love to your all – God is so awesome ALL OF THE TIME!  Marcia

Hi, this is Betty!  I am on the most incredable journey of my life.  The team is wonderful, the team members here are truly awesome.  I cannot understand Spanish but am n ot having much difficulty knowing the messages being sent out.  The drivers here are horrible.  I would never drive here.  My team members watch out for me and have saved my hide several times.  Yesterday and today we worked on a new home for a family.  It was an extreme makeover if ever there was one.  That project is completed and tomorrow is free day with Zip line Rain Forest and shopping.  I see soo many smiles and hear so many Holas as we travel the streets.  My biggest challange is the hills but now I am being spoiled.  Riding.
Bye for now,  Betty, Mom, Nana

Hi There. It’s Laurie. Wow! All I can say is wow! We are so blessed. We helped move Maria Abigail’s family today, and from what we saw of the neighborhood we were moving them from, I was just amazed to see that kind of poverty. The rooms were barely larger than my closet. They didn’t even have running water! What a blessing it was to be able to help prepare their new home and see their faces as the saw their new place. I feel so honored to be a part of this evolution and am eager to see what other works God has planned for me while I’m still here. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and yes, I’m taking lots of pictures.      Until next time… Laurie

Hi well this is Wayne. What a great time we are having.  Great time to Minister.  We moved in the family of the little girl who had the very bad experience.  We had a chance to see where they lived and all I can say that is was beyond belief the conditions that they were living in.  We worked at getting their new home which will be a home not a run down shack updated, painted the walls and cleaned up everything.  We also had to put in a dry wall celing. It was done much differently then I would do it in the States.  Tomorrow is the fun day at the rain forest and the zip line experience.  The spanish is not very good, but I am making an effort to at least do the greating  Hola, which means hello.  Well that is it for now.  Wayne, Dad, and Grandpa.

HI to all my prayer warriors  in jacksonville  and gurnee  IL. and all my wonderful supportive family too.  we moved joses family in their house today, they were overwhelmed with joy. where they were living before was barely habitabal. you guys thought my move was hard, this move today was up a series of huge winding hills with lots of obsticals. praise God we had pastor jorge and his team of men to really get the job done super quickly a few us went back later to pray over the family and the house.  What a blessing it was to see the three kids playing in their bedroom on the new  bunkbeds.  We brought them puzzles and clothes and coloring books and crayons, they were in seventh heaven.  We also were able to bring antibiotics to the boy next door who had just had a tooth pulled and had a very bad infection, praise God, We were able to help him too.  We had a wonderful day all around, which included a new sport called bus surfing (you had to  be there, trust me) our free day will be tomorrow, we are going to the rainforest and we will be doing the zip lines (Marsha and I will be riding an open air tram through the jungle) I am asking you all to please keep us in your prayers as we continue on this wonderful journey.  The Lord bless each and every one of you, oh by the way Tony’s dog has been keeping us up at night.God bless you all and adios till tomorrow.  love, in Jesus, Marisa  p.s. while we were moving the family Pastor Jorge and I were chatting int the kitchen and had within minutes of one another the Holy Spirit spoke to both of us to minister and pray with the woman next door. (these casitas are very connected . the only separation is a gate.) We literally prayed over her through the gate when she burst out in tears.  I remembered I had a Spanish Bible in my backpack that the Holy Spirit had been leading me to highlight on the plane ride from FL to Costa Rica. At the time I could not figure out why I was marking these particular verses in this Spanish Bible since I read my English Bible regularly . The Holy Spirit led me to mark these scriptures that helped me so much in the beginning of my spiritual walk so I got a double blessing by being able to share them with this woman who seemed to have a willing heart to hear God’ s word.  Lastly, to my earthly father who is now residing in Heaven with my heavenly Father,  I hope the angels let you have a glimpse of the passing of the missionary baton that Jesus , you and mom planted in my heart in Puerto Rico years ago. God Bless you all, Marisa

Hola family and friends.  This is Niki.  Just about all has been written about the events of the day but everyone has a separate journey here. I would have to say that if there was a picture that could capture a day of “amazing” it would look alot like today.  Traveling by public transit into the area of town where Maria Abagail and her family used to reside was a journey in of itself.  We had fun along the way in spite of the uncomfortable circumstances of standing while being tossed side to side around curves—we practiced our surfing skills and nicnamed each other different versions of spice…marisa was sporty spice, i was extreme sporty spice, we had a minnie pearl spice, tired spice, etc it went on and on and on…and is still going on…i am typing spice… ha ha..  We handed out tracks once off the bus as we traveled by foot through the town.  It was poverty like I had never seen before.  But smiles everywhere.  People inviting us into their homes that had nothing to give but smiles and joy.  The kids were so cute that they named their puppy Jesus—it was a girl puppy!  hee hee.  The movers had to climb up the hillside with the families few belongings including a refrigerator, dresser and one bed. The joy from the families faces once entering the new home in a neighborhood with running water and cement floor was , as they say, priceless.  I feel so so blessed to be part of God’s plan in being a vessel to help move and plant this family into a safe place to begin their new life with Christ. Please continue to pray this family that they will find healing and forgivenss through our Lord.  Time to sign off for now.  Thanks for all the prayers and i love and miss all my family and dear friends.  Much love, Niki


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  1. Hi Marcia,
    Your trip sounds very spiritual and truly rewarding. It is humbling to see how a group of people can have so little and be so happy. I too am wondering about your granddaughter. Has she come into the world? Please take a lot of pictures and remenber to look for things that you wouldn’t think are miracles happening but are around you. May all your dreams and prayers be fulfilled. Shelley

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