Costa Rica team – Wed update

Marlene here… today was our fun day.  We went to the rainforest and did the tram and the zip lines.  And all I can say is “wooooooohooooooo” as I went flying across the ravine.  That was so very cool.  Seeing God’s awesome creation and enjoying it for the day was tremendous.  Really enjoying our trip and serving God awesome people here.  Can’t wait to do more awesome things tomorrow.   Remember to keep Maria Abigail’s family in your prayers.  God bless Marlene

Hola mi amigos. This is Tony. Today was our fun day.  This morning we took a a bus (actually it was a van with jump seats) .  While on our way, our friend Wayne noticed a TGI Fridays.  And thinking, I said should be called TGI Viernes (get it?).  We finally arrived at the rainforest to go zip lining.  My first time.  It was awesome. The rainforest was very beautiful with waterfalls.  Zipping from tree to tree, each scenery was unique. God is very awesome with creating this rainforest.  I thank God for giving me an oppurtunity to exprience it.  Well, got to go and get some rest. Can’t wait for tomorrow do more of God’s work.   Adios- Tony…

hey all my friends at celebration church and my awesome family, God is very present here in costa rica, this morning we were heading out of the mission house where we are staying , and i looked to my right and saw a mans legs sticking out of a cardboard box, I had to take a double take, it was so surreal,  he was actually sleeping in there, it made my heart break for him and I wondered how many others here live this way. I thought the neighborhood we were in yesterday was pitiful, but that was great compared to this box style house. It makes me feel so bad that I have so much more than this and not necessarily more deserving at all!!!!!!! I prayed for this man that God would bless him in some way and maybe   God already had, since he was right outside 6:8 ministries. seeing these things on a daily basis is very humbling and makes me really appreciate everything  the Lord  has blessed me with. Tommorrow we will be teaching english at the local elementary school, I am especially excited about this ,since I love children, and the children here are very friendly to us gringos.  keep the prayers coming all my prayer warriors, we really can feel the Holy Spirit here with us, God bless you all!!!love,  hi momma. Love, Marisa

hello all. this is Niki. Today God sent us some super sized, mac daddy, mucho grande blessings!!!  We traveled about an hour away throught the mountains to the Tropical Rainforest.  It was Eden.  Pura Vida.  Did not see a single home, business, cell tower, billboard, airplane etc.  Pure untouched beautiful earth.  Our guides were fantastic and allowed us to be us.  We had 11 zip lines and we were permitted to do whatever we wanted to do on the last 3…ie…spin, twirl, hands free, whatever…i did it all but the best was doing the hands free, arms back, surrender fully to God pose as i whipped down the cable at 18 mph…it was like a super charged spiritual adrenaline rush fo sho!!!  Giddy up!  Tomorrow we are going to teach English to the local elementary school so I hope that I am smarter than a 5th grader!  We are fully recharged this evening and do God’s work full force tomorrow.  I miss and love you all.  Te amo. Niki

Marcia here.  As I floated along the top of the tree canopy in the tram today, the air was so clean and the quiet so still that the height didn’t even scare me!  We saw a super highway of leaf cutter ants that was about 1/2 mile long – PBS doesn’t do it justice – they’re cool little critters.  We had a trantula come up on the sidewalk tonight – she posed for so many pictures we called her our Diva Spider.  When she disappeared we all agreed – she was going to Hollywood.  Bailey – your nana saw orchids blooming everywhere in the rainforest.  We’ll have to learn how to grow them when I get home.  I was thinking about you as I walked on the nature trail. It was just like Florida only the trees were humongous!!!!   God’s canvas is spectacular.  It’s been a carb fest here – eating tons of good ethnic food and even though we walk miles each day (mostly uphill) I will definitely need to work off a few pounds starting next week….  We’ll be teaching English at a school tomorrow.  I miss you Bailey.  Say a prayer for your Nana.  A shout out to all of my intecessory prayer warriors for keeping me safe and lifting me up.  Couldn’t be doing this without each of you!  This is me sending my love to you.  Marcia


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One Response to “Costa Rica team – Wed update”

  1. Hey everyone especially my lil sis Marisa!! I didn’t even realize i could leave a comment till today!! Mari, i read mom your posts and she was blessed as I was hearing the awesome work the Lord is doing there through His Spirit !! Praise Him…Just reading all your posts you guys are going to be walking on clouds for a long time!! Now you can understand better why the enemy did what his stupid self tried to stop you from going!!
    We are looking forward to hearing and seeing the awesome pixs of all that He has done…To GOD be the glory great things He has done!!

    love you mucho,mucho!!


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