Costa Rica – Friday update

This is Betty, late but here.  It has been a very busy and interesting week.  The hills were trying but with lots of help, I got through them.  The food has been great, sleep came easily and we were always up at the crack of dawn, ready to embark on another adventure.  Remember always, the only difference between adversary and adventure is attitude.  After seeing the attitudes of these people, my definition of happiness has changed.  I thank my family and friends for helping to make this trip possible for me.  I love all of you, very much.  See you soon.  Betty

Hi, This is Larry and it’s Friday night..the last night of an unbelievably wonderful blessed week! Sad that I have to leave tomorrow after experiencing for a week God’s special love and all that He is doing here in Costa Rica. We experienced so many wondeful things on this trip from preparing a new homeless men’s shelter and Christian rehab center, to a wedding ceremony, a seven person baptism ceremony, serving at a feeding center for the poor, painting and preparing a new home for a wonderful needy family, sharing the gospel through songs and teaching English and playing with the children at very poor elementary school, doing prayer walks in local neighnorhoods where we passed out tracts and prayed with the sick. The amazing theme through all of these experiences was in seeing God’s amazing love and the warmth, friendndship, and love of the Costa Rican people that came through so powerfully in spite of our language barriers. There were so many personal and emotionally moving experiences that I will not so forget. A truly wonderful week where I feel I got so  much more back this week…from God and from the warm Costa Rican people…than I could possibly have given! I look forward to coming back again soon! Blessings, Larry.

hey guys, It’s Marisa here,we had a very busy day here serving God in costa rica. We started out going to the new mens center , we painted scriptures on the walls, It looked really cool!!! we also cleaned and washed windows. Then we went to celebration church to feed the homeless  that come to eat there every mon., wed., and fri.  pastor Jorge deliverd a great message before the food was served.He and his wife are so sweet , I really connected with them, and they love that I can communicate with them in spanish.He is great with the  Ticos and they really seem to love him. They were all so greatful to be served by us and seemed so appreciative. Some of these same people see us everyday in the town square and are always so happy to see us. After we cleaned up , we  went back to the men’s center (it is called The Refuge, they will be accepting thier first Tico there next week. It will eventually house about 12 men, however they will have to start out one at a time, as they have very strict  rules whichinclude being clean and sober for a period of time. After that, we(the girls) then went to the local womens shelter  where we did an craft project with the women there, it was great interacting with them, and they were all really sweet women. We ended the day with a prayer walk in a near by  town  called   Juan Paublo,  the Holy Spirit was really with us there, we prayed over a little boy named Jeremy, (he was one of the kid’s that got baptized the other night) he was born with a neurological disorder that has been undiagnosed, he has alot of problems with his balance, please, all my prayer warriors out there pray for this little boy to be healed.Also , we went to visit Chi Chi’s grandmas house and he was telling us that his mom (who lived next door )will not have anything to do with God, she had just been released from the hospital today with a serious galbladder and colon problem that the doctor’s could not fix,  Chi Chi  went next door and asked her if we could pray with her and to all our surprise she came and we put her in the middle of us and all laid hands on her in prayer,. How awesome is God that  He used us to touch her life, wouldn’t it be awesome if she started getting better and turned to God as her Lord and Savior? please  please pray for her to come to know the Lord. Well good night for now, love to you all, P.S. hey to my big sis in jax. thanks for the words from home, and tell mom I love her. Peace out, love marisa.

hello all. this is niki. last blog from costa rica (prob for a long time as i do not blog 🙂 )  i really have had so many off the chart experiences here all week that , no matter if i blogged continuously until the sun came up , i would not be type it all.  we can type what we have heard, felt, smelled, touched, saw etc but cannot express what we FELT from the Holy Spirit. i am certain that all all of you on my prayer team know EXACTLY what i’m talkin’ about. the Lord really worked through me today as a vessel big time as i (sit down mom) volunteered to wash  the dishes by hand at the homeless center after we served all 35 of them. oh, then cleaned the mens center and did arts and crafts with the girls at the women’s center…again , not things on my top 100 list…God was definately teaching me patience and endurance today….I have deepen my relationship with our Lord this week and made 10 awesome new fantabulous friends along the way.  I did want to share with you my blessing for all the hard work today.  On our prayer walk we visited 3 different families in shacks in Juan Pablo.  Marisa shared 2 of the stories in her blog today but I wanted to share the third and what i feel is the most spectacular of the 3.  The “neighborhood” heard that the gringo missionaries were visiting homes and one particular family searched frantically to find us as they had a little girl named, Michelle, in a wheelchair that had been hit by a car 2 weeks ago.  She had a broken arm and her leg had pins and rods in it (more surgery to come soon).  The mom asked for us to come to their home and lay hands on her little girl to pray over her as she had heard of the healing that Jose Anthonio had received from God through the missionaries this past year (Maria Abigail’s little brother who was never supposed to walk or talk and is now!) We could tell that the Holy Spirit was moving there as we prayed.  When we were done the whole family was in tears and so so thankful for our prayers.  We were able to give them spanish tracks and reminded them to pray to God themselves for their daughter (thanks to Marisa and her excellent Spanish!)  What a great ending to a life changing experience.  I want to end by saying that i can’t wait to get home tomorrow and give my kids the biggest hug ever! I miss you guys so much and am so excited to do whatever you want to do on Sunday with Nana and Tata.  Maybe a feast or somethin?  Thanks to all my prayer warriors out there. I cherish you all so much. Adios and te amo. Niki


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