Greece Missions Team: God unifies

 What we experienced this morning at Glyfada Christian Center is Athens Greece was much more than  Greek and American society assimilating, but many cultures converging under one roof for the love of Christ.  Upon walking into the sanctuary, the feeling of unity, joy and love for one and another was overwhelming.   It is always an unreal experience when you can communicate the love of God with one another, particularly  when you can’t always do it verbally.  The diverse backgrounds including Greek, Iranian, Nigerian, South African, Israeli, Arab, Slovakian, Irish, and American all worshipping together gave us a glimpse of  what heaven will look like!!! One unified body!

After church we had an opportunity to visit Mars Hill and actually stand on the exact steps where the Paul the Apostle preached his infamous speech to Athenians, “The unknown God” which can be found in Acts 17. Words can’t express the surreal experience of seeing the same skyline, and looking down on the city as Paul must have almost 2000 years ago, as he spoke to the masses  about our precious Savior.  It is  undoubtedly an experience I will forever keep in my heart, an opportunity for me to meet with God on the same mountaintop that Paul once stood on.



~ by Celebration Missions on March 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Greece Missions Team: God unifies”

  1. That is so cool!! A lot of people are praying for you guys. Keep us posted and Godspeed!

  2. WOW!!! Sounds like Holy Spirit moments. Brought tears to my eyes. It totally sounded like what heaven will look like. And standing in an anointed place. Praise the Lord!!!

  3. Sound like you are having an amazing time. Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Love you,

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