Greece Missions Team -When Muslims and Christians share lunch

This afternoon marked yet another unforgettable experience in Greece. Dawn and I had the privilege to serve lunch to about 60 refugee men, all escaping  from various countries in the middle east. Many of them had painful stories of true sacrifice and unimaginable loss while trying to cross borders. Looking at these men, you can’t help but self reflect and wonder, “why was I born into such privilege, and what am I supposed to do with this fact?” –

All of the men were muslim, so along with three missionaries and two translators, we had the opportunity to have a round table discussion about the main differences of  two of most prevalent religions in the world. Today gave me a wonderful opportunity to see how people of completely different belief systems can sit together,  respect one another opinions,  and allow for intelligent discussions, rather than a war of words one might expect. Communicating with someone of another faith, understanding their viewpoint and earning their trust, is the first step. When a group or person feels comfortable enough to sit and have a conversation about their own beliefs with you, a door to talk to them about your own experience with Jesus opens. And thus the beginning of truly sharing the gospel begins. The way these christian missionaries handled themselves today allowed me to see apologetics in action, and showed me the incredible benefits of what it means to relate to others before you start sharing your own ideas.

Yet another amazing day in Athens! Good Night!–Liana


~ by Celebration Missions on March 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Greece Missions Team -When Muslims and Christians share lunch”

  1. I am glad you are having such an amazing, inspiring, life-changing time there. I continue to pray for you! I love you Liana! Keep doing God’s work and listen for His cues. You rock!!!

  2. Amen girl!! What an awesome experience to learn and grow in your faith. Sounds like God is not only using you in others but also doing a huge work inside of you. WOOHOO!!! Love you girl!!!

  3. I love reading all of your blogs! You guys are doing great things over there and planting a lot of seeds. I look forward to hear more about your trip when you get back!!

  4. Hi Liana! Keep up the good work! Have you tried to contact Vacili. You know he is in Athens! I look forward to seeing you when you return home to hear more stories! Love you,

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