Beautiful children

Today on the prayer walk, the group of people I went with walked through the town of Glyfada where the shops and restaurants are located. It was the Independent holiday today so all of Greece was here. We prayed for all the people who were sitting at the restaurants, that God would move on their hearts and His desire would become their desire. I felt it was a necessary because so many people were sitting around socializing, but it was hard to see happiness and joy on their faces. I feel the Greek society needs Jesus to bring hope, love and joy into their hearts.

On a good note, we visited a playground in the middle of these shops where tons of little kids and their parents were playing. We spent a lot of time here because it was a happy place. I mean how can it not be with joyous little ones! It was really nice to sit and pray for God to raise this generation the way he wants them to be raised. I hope God just surround these children and protect their lives. Through a child is a great way for the hope of Jesus to come into any parents life, so this was encouraging to see happy children running around, swinging, climbing and even taking pictures. Maybe it’s my draw to children that made me feel so at peace, but it was a nice place to be here in Athens. It was like the whole world stopped for a moment at the sound of childrens laughter. This brought another glimpse of hope into Greece.



~ by Celebration Missions on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Beautiful children”

  1. Sounds wonderful Charn. Your teams heart and prayers for these people will bring them to Jesus!! I’m prayin for you guys every day =) love you!!

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