Greece Missions Team-

As I sit here writing this blog the day that we are leaving, my mind is going crazy from all the experiences that I’ve had in this past week. One of the hardest experiences that I encountered was when a small group from the team went to meet up with this missions organization that goes into the brothels and give the girls a bookmark and some traditional bread. This was on Wednesday.  As a guy I couldn’t go into the brothels but I was allowed to stand outside and observe while the team got to go inside. As I was standing in this street there were so many guys going from brothel to brothel looking at the girls to see which one they wanted to have sex with. I started to get so furious inside because its like these men didn’t have any remorse for what they were doing. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever encountered in my life. People talk about human trafficking in the U.S but I really don’t think that they would fully get it how bad it really is. This street was about 150 yards long and it had about 18 brothels. I feel like I got to truly experience how bad this problem really is and it is time to stand up and fight back and start to make a change. God spoke to me and He said “The best way to change the world is by praying for the world” 

it’s so simple but I really never thought of it before and its true.

 The next day some of us got the chance to go help with the mission organization that we helped with the day before, but this day was even more overwhelming. We got picked up around 10pm to meet with the people from the mission and before we went out on the streets we prayed and worshiped for a little bit then we broke off in teams..One team went to minister to the transvestite’s and the other teams went to minister to the prostitutes. When we got to the boulevard where we were going to minister to there were over fifty Nigerian trafficked girls. We gave out Bibles and a bookmark that had a bible verse and it was so hard to see so many girls that have been the victims of human trafficking. As we gave out the bibles, the prostitutes started to dance and sing praise songs to Jesus.  It was pretty cool to see that.

On a lighter note it was on my heart this week to fellowship with some of the youth from Glyfada Christian Center. These kids are so awesome I automatically fell in love with them because they have child like faith and it was so awesome just to pour into them and just to build relationships with them. I feel like there is so much potential with the youth they just need someone to actually look up too. These kids have blessed me with so much this past week and it was such an honor to be with them. I cant wait to see what God does in there lives and to see what He does with Greece. It has only just begun……….. – Micky Calderon


~ by Celebration Missions on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Greece Missions Team-”

  1. Amazing stuff. Prayer will change the world.

    I can’t wait to see how God is going to use you in the next years and look forward to be a prayer warrior for you.

    God bless!

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