Jesus lives in my heart

I’ve never had quite as hard of a time readjusting after a missions trip like I am now. I guess maybe it’s because so much happened that to a normal person it’s pretty “unbelievable” so telling the stories is a lot more difficult. It’s about time that I blog about this because it’s pretty radical…

I don’t know much about voodoo or witchcraft other than it goes against everything the Word says and it’s dark and not truth. Nor have I ever really seen the presence of it or been in a place where it’s so prevalent. But while in Zim, four witch doctors gave their lives to Christ. We were diagnosing their patients and healings that these people were believing for were happening. We got tons of comments like “I’ve spent all of my money of the Witch Doctor but Jesus is free…”

There was a witch doctor who came to one of our clinics named Margrid and she was a frail little old lady who given a couple of hours was madly in love with Jesus. All of her patients were at the clinic and she stood and said, “I once believed in God, I left God but now I know that Jesus lives in my heart.” How remarkable it was to see a woman who in all actuality is like so many Christians today, where we think that we can do things our way and do it without God but for someone to realize that nothing is possible without God. Oh and it gets better….SHE’S A MEMBER OF CELEBRATION CHURCH now!

-Lizzie Miller


~ by Celebration Missions on June 19, 2010.

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