Costa Rica FUSE Middle School Trip ROCKIN IT!!

Being in Alajuelita feels like home. The staff at 6:8, the Iglesia Celebracion staff, the people who we meet and pray for – they are indescribable. Yesterday was chock-full of awesome-sauce, as our fearless leader Brian says, and I have seen more growth in this group of 11 middle schoolers than I could have ever imagined – and it’s only the 2nd day! WOW!!

Below are some of the posts that were written this morning (Tuesday) before breakfast about our experiences yesterday. Hopefully we will have more posts from some of the other team members tomorrow morning.

The bottom line we want to share with everyone is this: God is moving in MAJOR ways, and we are soo thankful to be a part of it. Love you all! ~Laney

“The flight was good and went by very fast! When we got to the 6:8 house we went on a prayer walk. We went to 3 houses and prayed over people in the street. We met a little boy, Emanuel, and his Mom, Sane (pronounced, “Sigh-een”). Emanuel loved the football we brought him. Then, we met Jennifer, Maria Abigail and Jose Antonio. Jennifer is 4 and loved playing with my camera! It was so cute! So far this trip has been awesome!” – Peighton Jones

“Today I saw people live in shacks with nothing to do and they were happy! We showed a little kid popsicle sticks and he was sooo happy. And the people here drive crazier than Dad!” – Michael Champney

“Today was so amazing. Our plane ride went good. We got to the 6:8 house and it’s really cool. We went on a prayer walk, it’s when you go down the streets and pray for people. We went to 3 homes and it was dank (cool)! We visited 4 kids, Emanuel, Maria Abigial, Jose Anotnio and little Jennifer. They’re so adorable! Can’t wait for tomorrow!” – Cristina Sinofsky

“I saw a lot of miracles happen the first day and I was so surprised on how the Costa Ricans loved seeing us. I loved the looks on the kids’ faces when we gave them the soccer balls and footballs. When we gave a woman named Marguerita some food I could tell she really appreciated it.” – Alan Luongo

“It’s amazing how after just one day God has already torn me apart. We all got a wooden cross necklace, so we will always remember God’s sacrifice for us. Each one is different and unique, so no one has the same one around their neck. We met some amazing and inspirational peple yesterday. Emanuel, a small boy with a big heart, living with his mother who struggles with alcohol addiction. She asked for prayer for her addiction, for wisdom and strength when we stopped by her house during our prayer walk. Then we brought food to a family with 3 children that were actually home alone when we came by. 2 girls, Maria Abigail and Jennifer, and 1 boy, Jose Antonio. Maria Abigail, the oldest, is still recovering from a previously scarring event. [Details witheld with courtesy] Jose Antonio is a living miracle. He is seven years old, and had a severe brain infection, the doctors said he was never supposed to live this long. It was amazing praying over and loving these people, they have nothing, but worship God like they have everything.” – Maddison Hobbing

“What a lesson in love for us! How amazing the Ticos and Ticas (Costa Ricans) are! They love without restraint. Sane, Emanuel’s mom, touched my heart. She is a woman struggling with addiction and salvation, with strength I admire. My flesh collapsed as we prayed over her and her son – a boy after God’s own heart. I repeat the following passage over and over in my head, ‘Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.’ Hebrews 11:1” – Loretta Hartley


~ by Celebration Missions on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Costa Rica FUSE Middle School Trip ROCKIN IT!!”

  1. Wow you guys! I am in no way shocked to hear the impact you all have already made to the people of Costa Rica and more importantly to the Kingdom of God. I loved hearing you guys already met up with Emanual and Maria Abigail and her family, a continued pray of mine is that their new living arrangement has brought them continued peace and security knowing they are in a safer place and have God’s hands embracing them. I can’t wait to hear about it more!

  2. I am loving the updates and know you all are touching so many special people in Costa Rica and they are obviously touching your lives as well. We continue to pray for all God wants to do there and then some!! God Bless, we love ya’ll.

    Karla Hobbing

  3. Praise Jesus! You guys are awesome. My prayer is that you guys see that Jesus’ name is over all things. Be bold in your prayers nothing is impossible for Him.

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