Yesterday was awesome! We painted the church and helped put a new roof on it! Wow! It looks so great, very different than when the FUSE leader team was here in February. We also served food at the feeding center (held at the church), then had a blast at the Wednesday night service! TICO WORSHIP IS AWESOME!!!

Today was absolutely incredible. We had a chance to climb the infamous mountain, something many teams do while they are here. It is the most beautiful way to see all of Alajeulita, I promise. Our fearless leader, Jeremy, brought us to a spot where all the Ticos go to get baptized. The team wanted to get baptized too! All the kids got dunked by Jeff and Todd, in FREEZING cold water, but they didn’t care, they were celebrating like crazy! It was awesome.

Climbing the mountain offers more than a beautiful view, though. We learned teamwork when we would help each other across rocky passes or through creek beds; we worked on problem solving as we hiked up; endurance as we slowly trudged our way down. We had so many chances to serve each other and encourage each other, all the while shining the light of Jesus Christ on the Ticos who accompanied us.

Day 4 is done and we have one more full day to pour ourselves out for these beautiful people. Three of our team members have to leave tomorrow while the rest of us stay here and finish working on the house. It’s a great opportunity for a terrific family that lost it’s main source of income when the dad got hurt really bad. We are building basically an apartment on the side of their house which will do two things: give a home to another family while also helping bring in income in the form of rent for the first family.  Pretty awesome!

It’s amazing how much time flies here, Spencer calls it CRS – Costa Rica Syndrome (that makes time FLY). God is blowing my socks off again (as He is apt to do), and I absolutely love it.  -Laney


~ by Celebration Missions on June 25, 2010.

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