Haiti Medical Missions Team

We arrived here in Port-au-prince safely yesterday, praise the Lord! Greetings to all of our family and friends back home from Sam, Chris, Sara, Jen and I. We appreciate your prayers. The sight as soon as you get off the plane is overwhelming.  Words cannot describe the feelings I had upon seeing the thousands of poor, displaced people walking about the streets. The tent cities are also indescrible.  Why are some born with so much, and yet some with so little? We must always remember that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Along the drive from Port-Au-Prince to Titanye(Samaritan’s Purse compound) you are surrounded by majestic, lush green mountains. The water is azure blue, sparkling in the sunshine. Gods glorious creation.  But along the way you see so much devastation from the earthquake. The roads are just dirt with huge piles of rubble by the wayside.  We arrived to the Samaritan’s Purse 60 acre compound and were given a quick tour. Dinner was wonderful, much better than the rice and beans we were suspecting they would have. We recieved our assignments from the medical director and our team will be splitting into two groups to staff one clinic downtown and another to run mobile clinics nearby to residents who have never even seen a doctor or nurse in their lives. This morning we were off to church at 7am to visit Balthazar”s (our driver) church; where he is the worship leader.  They usually have church from 5am until dusk continously. Sunday here is reserved alone for worship and the Lord.  While sitting in service, you are surrounded by a beautiful chorus of voices singing to heaven. Everyone is full of life and joy.  They are giving and full of thankfulness. Lord I pray that as we start our week tomorrow that you would send upon us a spirit of joy and life as we minister and give care for those we see at the clinics. “Freely you have recieved, freely give.” -Matt. 10:8b Give us a generous spirit to give to others selflessly, as you have freely given to us. We thank you for the opportunity to represent you here in this country. In Jesus name, Amen.

-Larissa S.


~ by Celebration Missions on July 18, 2010.

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