Never lose heart

The team arrived to Costa Rica around 11am. For a first timer on the mission field and leaving the country, it was a new world. The people in Alajuelita are the friendliest and most loving I have never met. 6;8 and Celebracion Costa Rica is in an area with 70 percent unemployment, and many students drop out of school around the age of 12.

Right before we started our first prayer walk a local lady with 5 kids knocked on the door asking for help. God has an amazing way of putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together throughout the day. For example of the shuttle ride from the hotel to the airport the driver was a Haitian man who used to work for security at the Orlando airport. He had a way of dropping us right off at our gate when we were supposed to take a long talk to it. Before going on the prayer walk we stopped by the grocery store to buy groceries for the family.

On the teams’ first prayer walk we really got a glimpse of Alajuelita. The lady and 5 kids we bought food for showed us her house. 5 kids and one lady lived in what some might call a small room for themselves. The lady was so moved by what God had done through our team, she invited her sister to church tonight.

At the youth service, I had the opportunity to share my testimony. I have always had a gift for reaching out to youth and tonight God just brought everything together. I explained to them they should “never lose heart”. Always seek what is inside and not the outside. Jesus Christ brought this man almost one year ago to this day from a jail cell to serving in Costa Rica. Pastor Jorge lead an amazing “tico” worship where all of the kids jumped around and sung out their lungs to some great worship music. I even learned a couple of dance moves myself through the “tico” style or worshipping.

No matter in Costa Rica Jacksonville or anywhere we serve a God of second chances. Who sent is only son who show relentless love compassion and generosity. The people of Alajuelita have little compared to us but they are the most loving and caring people I have met. Today God left me with so many miracles and great things that could last me an entire lifetime.


~ by Celebration Missions on September 4, 2010.

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