Manda El Fuego

Buenos Dias y bienvenidos!

 Hoy fue muy marivioso, y muy ausombroso!!! Dios esta aqui en Alejualita, y El esta en los corazones de mucha gente. That’s just a little bit of how God has been using me. Even though there is a language barrier, the love of Jesus Christ speaks htrought this barrier and speaks right to our hearts.

 Wow, what an amazing trip it’s been so far, and it’s only day 2 and 4:30 came very early his morning! But I was going to get up in time to see the sunrise. (shocking…I know) As a few of us got up this morning to watch the sunrise it was so incredible to see the sun come up over God’s creation here in Costa Rica, and bring light to the city where we are called to spread His love and share His word. I feel so at home here, God is so good and has brought our team to such a beautiful place. It is so awesome to be walking in God’s will and to be here with the family that He has given us. Looking in my journal this morning I came across this verse: “I have come as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in the darkness.” John 12:46 We have been called to be His light in this city and as the sun came up and brought light to the land, we are going to be bringing light to His people!

Thank you Jesus for another WONDERFUL day to share your love with the Ticos!! Love you all!!!

 P.S. WAR EAGLE!! (Go Auburn!!)  J  -Laine Adams Xoxo 

WOW!! What an amazing time we have been having here!!

Last night we went to Celebracion Iglesia…I LOVED IT!!! I have never seen people worship God that way, it was powerful and joyful and just you couldn’t help but join in. Even though there is a language barrier the love of God shines through and we find a way to communicate and connect with the people we are interacting with.

 We went on a prayer walk today and really got to experience Alejualita. We went to one of the local parks today that was just beautiful, there was so much color and life in this park that you wouldn’t think that at night it is full of drug dealers, users and prostitutes. Our hope and prayer is that God can just fall into this place and allow the park to be a positive place for the families here in Alejualita, a place where they can feel God’s presence all around them and feel safe.

 Just walking through the park and different parts of town I was able to really soak in life here in Alejualita and just how joyful and giving the people are even though they don’t have much. I was so touched when we walked through the market today and we were gathering food for the feeding center, so many of the vendors freely and joyfully gave their fruits and vegetables, we had so much food that we had to carry some of it because it wouldn’t fit in the cart to roll down the hill J It really touched me because there aren’t many people who would freely and joyfully give even though they have so little. The people here really seem to know that you have to have an open hand, an open hand for giving a blessing and an open hand for receiving a blessing!

 It is so amazing to be here and sharing and receiving God’s love! I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for us! THANK YOU JESUS!

 -Miranda Hatton- xoxo


~ by Celebration Missions on October 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Manda El Fuego”

  1. I am enjoying reading all about your trip. I am praying for you and the ones you are reaching while you are there. God Bless you for your servant hearts.

  2. I love reading everything you all are posting! Isn’t it so amazing to see the poor give so freely. Teaches us alot. Brought me back to the emotions when I was there. Thank you so much for being open to everything God is doing!! So proud of you all!! LOVE YOUS!!!

  3. It’s amazing how the people there just give and give (to US!) as a simple matter of hospitality, when we Americans already have so much and they have so little. Who’s lives and hearts are really being changed here??

    I remember we went to a very small village up north of San Jose, about 25 miles up into the mountains where they only had dirt roads up into the mountain town and our rickety coach bus almost avalanches down the sides lfthe roads…the ladies at this little church in Candelaria spent the entire morning making us coffee, breakfast, then lunch, and probably used most of the food they had, on US!


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