This week has been quite an eye opener. As we set aside time to minister, God has been breaking us…breaking me.

I realized how regimented, “religious” I have been in my prayer life. This week I lost my religion. (if you find it… don’t tell me where it is.. I do NOT want it back!)

I’ve been spending time on the balcony of the team house in worship and prayer in the mornings. Guess what, God shows up… every morning.

The theme, it seems, this week & over the past month as we have been preparing for the trip has been letting go of what we have been holding hostage from God in our hearts. Taking God out of the box that we put him into so that He works for us…. Guess what, the box is to small and He will not stay in there. I was told in December… Go expecting me!

Entry from my journal from Dec 16…”May we go expecting you. Period. No preconceived plans for how we want you to move. Emptied of ourselves. Totally possessed by you. Connected to the Head. Wait! Be still. Know that I am God. Know me. Seek me. Not what I do. Not what you want or need. Me! Only me! Just me!”

We must be obedient. We must not fear. We must give God what we are holding… be that relationships, time, ‘things’, strongholds in our hearts. You know, that little place that you think you’re keeping a secret from God? Maybe you don’t even realize it. Spending time with Him will allow Him to point those things out.

In 1 Kings 17 God had Elijah leave his comfort zone and ‘GO’. That meant being obedient. God did an awesome miracle. Elijah had to set aside fear of what he did not know to obey the One he knew as Faithful and True.

God stretched Abraham. He had to be obedient and “GO” to Canaan. His obedience in offering Isaac showed that he was willing to give away that one thing that meant so much….His only son. Establishing in his relationship with God, once for all time, that God could have everything – even that most treasured thing in his life. As a result, God said that ALL nations of the earth would be blessed because of Abraham’s obedience.

Obedience will always have an eternal impact…so does disobedience.

When we hold those places in our heart away from God, we are being disobedient.

What does God want from you? From me?

More than all of our longing to be in intimate relationship with the Father…He is so much more longing for that relationship.

He’s just waiting for an invitation.

What does that look like? Brokenness. A place where nothing else matters but your relationship with God. A place where His presence, intimacy with him is a MUST, not something that maybe we’ll get around to one day. A place where we release all of those areas, as He reveals them, where He is not yet Lord.

Lord, give me strength to fully surrender. I must be about Your business; not my busyness.

I must decrease. You must increase. I feel like I’m falling apart inside. The walls are falling down. Lord, You are stirring. How long have I tried to keep you asleep?

Awake my love.

Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.

Been broken lately? I highly recommend it. It’s the only way to go!

Tico Worship (a/k/a Fuse) - Arm Wrestling with Pastor before service


~ by Celebration Missions on February 5, 2011.

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