Athens – Sissy

My breath has been caught at the wonder and awe of God’s love for His children. This mission trip was not the norm and a bit chaotic at times, however God was all over it! I have never experienced the Holy Spirit as I did on the 9 days I spent in Greece. Our team of 7 amazing men and women of God had learned to work together and be flexible as we weren’t sure what each day would bring. The only thing we knew is that we were there to serve God in any way He wanted us too. I was moved to tears more during this short amount of time than ever before. God is truly in love with us and He wants us to know it. When we begin to understand just how much He loves us, then and only then, are we able to love others as ourselves. Having intentional time to worship and pray in a group has catapulted my relationship with Christ. I am more in love with Him now than before this trip. What is even more amazing, is that I know this is only the beginning! I pray for God’s love on your life and for a renewed passion for Him to ignite inside of you. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. You have allowed God to use you in a way you can’t even imagine!


~ by Celebration Missions on May 16, 2011.

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