Costa Rica Men’s 300- May 2011 / Day 1

Hello Costa Rica- Pura Vida at it’s best!

Well, we’re sorry for the late blog but we got to Costa Rica at noon, got shuttled to the team house for a quick “DELICIOUS” lunch, then immediately taken to our main serving opportunity of the week which is building a home from ground zero. Today we meet the wonderful family we are fortunate enough to be able to bless while we’re here on our mission. The team did a total demolition of the old home (video and pics to come) within 2 hours in the pouring rain but God is GREAT because we got it all done and ready to start construction tomorrow on the new home. It seemed symbolic to us to tear down the old, broken down, inadequate home to rebuild one under the blessing and direction of our Lord and savior.

More to come tomorrow as we rise for personal Devo, a great breakfast and off to start our project early around 8 a.m.

Consumed by the call,

Team Unity- Men’s 300 (May 2011)


~ by Celebration Missions on May 27, 2011.

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