Hello From Zimbabwe

Hello Family & Friends,
Our trip has been an amazing adventure and journey so far. We have been delayed in airports, adopted by a family (Moois), laughed and worked. God has really provided for us in every way. The hospitaility shown to us by the Moois was unforgetable. God really provided for us in a way that was unimaginable and the Moois were a true blessing. The hospitality and care that we have recieved from our church family here in Zimbabwe has been great. They are wonderful people and it has really been a great experience.

Today we are working on the inital setup and layout for the conference hall. The building is much bigger than we expected. It is about 180′ x 275′. There is also another building we will be using for Child care. We have approx. 850 women registered for the conference, plus an additional 100+ women volunteers registered to help, so we will be utilizing all the space available.

Its really amazing and a great blessing that we have so many women registered for this event. Considering most people will be using public transportation traveling from large distances or walking to the event, it really illuminates just how important this event is to the people here and how committed they are to pursuing God. I’m looking forwared to experiencing the event and seeing what God has instore.

This morning we visited an orphanage, Isaiah’s House. The children there were so eager to be held and played with. They yearned for any love and attention they could recieve. It was a real humbling experience and showed me just how blessed I am with the wonderful Family & Friends I have in my life. It was also great to see that they are well cared for by their care takers there. God is really providing for those children there.

Everyday has its surprises and works of the Lord. We are all excited and pumped up for the conference. We know it will be a unforgetable experience.



~ by Celebration Missions on June 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Hello From Zimbabwe”

  1. Hi Reid, Rachel and I are glad to see you finally made it to Zimbabwe. You and Kathryn must have been totally beat, along with the rest of your group. The town looks to be pretty modern and I can not believe the size of the building you are going to be working on. Good thing you have 800 women to help. I sent you an email before I found the reply tab here. I also sent the link to Rev Mattox, because he expressed a real interest in your trip. Reid, we are proud of you and the effort you put into going on this mission. Take pictures and make notes in a diary. I always regret that when I took pictures back in the 50’s that I did not make more notes. Give our love to Kathryn. Take care, work hard, have a good time and get back safe. Love, Nana and Papa Tuesday, 06/14/11

  2. So good to hear the good report. I am praying!!!!

  3. Reid, please check on the comment feature of this blog. I have made two, but they show up on the profile below yours and your profile is not registering the replies. I have been clicking the “leave a comment” at the top of your profile. I think I have done everything right?? Papa (Wed. 11:15 PM)

  4. Reid, I have posted 2 or three comments to you here and i was able to read my comments, but they did not make it to your profile. I also posted two to Kathryn and those comments are not showing either. If you get this one, know that Nana and I are proud of you and Kathryn and your mission trip. I sent this site to Rev. Gene, as he expressed and interest in your trip. I hope your are hard at work on that big building and enjoying every minute. I hope your found the weather to your expectations. if you get some time off, go on a camera safari and bring me back a close up of a big lion or a water buffalo/!!
    Nana and Papa

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