Zimbabwe Medical Shine June 2011 Reflections II

During our medical mission trip each morning we would meet together as a team to worship and have a time of devotion. Everytime we would start to worship I could feel the Holy Spirit fill the room. One morning we sang the song How Great is our God, it quickly became my theme song for the mission trip. Every day I got to experience things that made me keep singing about how great our God is. During the medical clinics I was amazed by the number of people that showed up for medical and spiritual care. I was inspired by their faith and how much they are on fire for God. One story that pops out is one day as I was working outside of the pharmacy I heard a lot of noise coming from the prayer room. I walked over there I peeked my head in the door and saw two elderly women, both holding canes in the air, dancing their way out of the prayer room. These two women had been healed from whatever pain they had which stopped them from jumping aroun before that day. After we returned to Jacksonville I was listening to the radio and I heard a song that describes what I saw. It said something like this ‘I see miracles just happen… bc that is what faith can do’.  The people in Zimbabwe have so much faith in God because that’s all they have. They don’t have access to doctors, hospitals or medication. They put their full trust that God will take care of all their needs. I believe God performed miracles while we were there and is still performing miracles as we speak. It brings me great joy to know they are smiling for Jesus even though they have very little. All together it was an awesome trip and God is doing a lot of amzing things in Zimbabwe through Celebration church.  Gina DeBoer


~ by Celebration Missions on July 12, 2011.

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