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Before I start trying to describe how awesome my day was, let me warn you that I’m not that good of a blogger, so I’ll just make it short & simple. With that being said, I’ll start saying that I never thought I was going to have the chance to finish a 6 mile hike up this virtually vertical trail. Ever. But I’m so glad that I did. It was one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. Throughout this hike, we encountered 3 crosses. Each one way cooler than the other & each view would just blow my mind over & over again. No joke. It was a total blessing to hang out at the 2nd cross area & being able to share a word with my team. Even though I was kind of nervous at first, that whole setting & the feeling of community made it so much easier. It was a really powerful moment for me.

Our 2nd task of the day was to get some flyers for our huge VBS event that’ll be happening tomorrow morning, & hand them out at some small communities that were relatively close to the venue we’ll be using tomorrow. I went into this house (that was in a terrible, unsafe & heart-breaking condition) with a member of the 6:8 Ministries staff. The owner’s name was Esperanza, & she was just telling us about her situation & how much she needs a new house. This basically was a true example of how 6:8 try to build relationships with people by listening to their needs & cries. After that we ended up at the alley where Vilma (one of the cooks at our teamhouse) lives. To my surprise, we ended up going in Jose’s  (a guy I had the opportunity to meet, to share really awesome conversations & to help him build a house last May) house.

It felt so crazy to see him again & to visit his house. He truly was so grateful & honored for having the team over. He’s an awesome carpenter that has a very ill wife, but the faith that this man feels towards God is simply not natural. When I tell you that this man truly believes who God says who He is, it’s because he does. The passion that this man shows towards God & His son Jesus Christ, just makes me want to be a better me, for sure.

Last but not least, tonight was the Ticos Youth Service. It was so awesome to see them all singing & dancing to the worship going on! I had the awesome opportunity to be invited by Miguel to share a message with the youth of the church. Hopefully the message was delivered pretty good & whatever seed was planted tonight, that it’ll be watered by others & that God be the one to obtain all of the fruits. One of my dudes, Emanuel, got so happy once he saw I was there tonight. We had some time to catch up with each other about all of things are going on in our lives. I bought him a NVI/NIV parallel bible (which I gave him) & he simply lit up. He was so happy to recieve that gift, & the best thing is that I know for sure that it’ll be something that will help him with his walk with Christ.

These past 4 days have been incredible, for real. We still have 2 1/2 days left & I know that God will simply finish wrecking everyone in this team & that they will see God’s purpose for them in this world. Many lives are being touched, many hearts are being restored & many spirits are being strengthen. For those of you who are contemplating to either do a mission trip or not. I encourage you to give it a try & trust in God as the Lord of protection, provision & perseverance.

May the Lord be with you guys,

Anthony (Tony) Rosario


~ by Celebration Missions on July 16, 2011.

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