His Love is Worth 1,000 Stars

Sometimes you have moments while you are in the field doing God’s work when you question if God is moving.  We have spent the last few days out in the streets of the community playing with kids, and loving them with everything we had, hoping that this would help them to feel and understand God’s love.  Although this was a lot of fun for all of us, at times it wasn’t clear if our efforts would fruitful.  Today we received confirmation that our time spent was not in vain.

We spent yesterday afternoon passing out invitations for VBS in communities around the church.  Sadly, it began to rain and we weren’t able to get to all of the areas that we hoped and didn’t get the chance to invite all of the children that we wanted.  So you can imagine our shock and delight when we pulled up to the church early to see a line of children waiting to be let in, dressed in their best clothes, and eager to spend time in the house of God.  We were able to take them to an amazing indoor soccer arena.  They were so excited to feel like they were worth it to be in the best facility that could be offered.  The time we were able to spend with them there was more than words could ever express and the kids felt as special as they truly are.  It is amazing how God’s love transcends any language barrier, any age difference, and any economic status flowing so freely and abundantly.

The second part of the day we had the chance to go back to some of the areas that were heavy on our hearts and reconnect with some of the children.  We were greeted in the first community by Sebation, who spent a lot of time with us on a prior day and was such a joy to be around.  When our van pulled up and we unpiled he ran out saying to us “I knew you would be back!”  His pure enthusiasm for our visit made every minute spent there previously justified, and every minute to come that much more precious.  His confidence about our return was also a testament that God truly did prepare his heart for our visit and the love we shared was mutual.  There were clearly seeds there that had been planted and were ready to be watered, and we felt so honored to be the ones able to tend to this garden.

The last stop of the day was Steven Street which was an area that we made a lot of great connections with the residents and their children.  This was a location that all of us felt drawn to since our first visit and that we attempted to visit each day we were able.  The children there expressed their disappointment that we didn’t make it there yesterday, which was heartbreaking for all of us.  It placed a guilt on our hearts for not returning and stirred a reality in us that we would be leaving soon for good.

Thinking about leaving brought up a lot of emotions for all of us.  Mostly of concern, that the seeds that we planted would not be watered and the love that we shared would not be multiplied.  Fearing that the attention that we gave to these kids would be eliminated upon our departure and that surely no other mission team would be able to love them as we did.  Being worried that forward momentum that we had begun would stop once we left.  However, during our reflection time we were reminded that we serve a mighty God who loves them more than we ever did, ever could, and would ever know.  We were reminded that God brought us all here for this exact purpose and that he would be in control of what would happen next, and trusting in him to complete the job that he sent us here to start was part of our mission.


~ by Celebration Missions on July 17, 2011.

One Response to “His Love is Worth 1,000 Stars”

  1. What a wonderful reflection of such a great work. Sometimes we may plant a seed, sometimes a garden and never be able to attend to it again, but as you put it so graciously – our God is in control! If he cares and provides for even the sparrows, how much more does he care and provide for us. I will pray that this work is only the beginning and eventually every child that you encountered will one day accept Christ as their savior and we will all be united one day in Glory Land!!

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