N. Ireland (Sept 2011) Substance Crew- A heart for Ireland

Wow, we made it to Ireland Friday and this so far has been the most humbling and awesome experience I have ever had.  Pastor John and Rachel Scott have such a heart for the people of Ireland,  anyone who comes in contact with them will feel it and  truly will be blessed and feel God’s love for them.

Our first night here we had an encounter night with the team from Celebration Ireland, it was awesome, God’s presence was so strong and sweet, like liquid love flowing down from heaven.  It is amazing to see young adults in their early twenties with such fire and passion for God and wanting to save the lost.  We broke off in groups to pray…and yes I have broken through a lot of fears, I prayed for someone I was asked to pray for in the group…don’t remember what I said, but I know it was the Holy Spirit, those who know me, know I had a fear of praying out loud in a group…NO MORE.

Today was another awesome day, Pastor John took us to the Ireland Dream Center in Belfast to help with their community outreach.  We walked along the streets picking up trash along the way to one of the housing projects (don’t know if that is what they call it here).  Once we reached the area we split up in groups to knock on the doors, their mission is to reach out to the community with the love of Christ by serving and meeting their needs.  We knocked on the doors and asked if we could offer any help, yard work, ironing, then we gave the Dream Centers information for them to call if they needed a helping hand for future reference if needed.  This outreach was awesome to see young teens involved on a Saturday, giving up their time to help others, these few kids were amazing, and I feel in my Spirit that the Dream Center is going be an awesome much needed place to this area.  So thankful that Celebration Church is a church that will reach out and help with community outreaches with other churches or community centers to help them with support to reach those in need. This was an amazing day.

I don’t know why God has me here, I am sure it will be revealed soon, but this I do know He has placed Ireland on my heart and to pray for Pastor John, his family and the team leaders daily.

I am ready to see what God brings our way tomorrow.

-Theresa  Goodwin-Hall


~ by Celebration Missions on September 4, 2011.

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