N. Ireland (Sept 2011) Substance Crew-God’s Strategic Planning

Day Four of the Ireland Elite mission’s trip team, and can I say that this has been BEYOND AMAZING! The works that God has done, and how Jesus has moved in such a few times is breathtaking. To even be on this trip is a blessing and a true act of what FAITH can really do how God can move mountains!

Technically it was our “unplanned” day, however, when you’re working with God and for our father there is no such thing as an “unplanned” day lol. How HE aligns everything so strategically to be used for HIS purpose is one divine appointment after another. We started off our by heading to the Giant’s Cuaseway; Northern Ireland’s iconic world heritage site and area of outstanding natural beauty. To see part of God’s creation right before our eyes was not only stunning but awe-inspiring at the same time. Marisa, Teri and I sat down for a few moments and let the presence of the Holy Spirit consume us as we prayed over the land and for the people of Northern Ireland. After our 3 hour hike, Katrina and I were able to talk to this older woman named Helen who was blessing us on our mission’s trip. She caught a glimpse of Katrina’s trip t-shirt with Celebration Church and caught her eye, from there the conversation flowed and she shared with us her previous missionary work from the late 1970’s. A divine appointment from God indeed! Listening to her speak about her previous missionary work in the middle east was a definite confirmation of when & how God needs to use you, HE WILL MOVE YOU to do so; hence why I’m hereJ.

We then made our way to the exhilarating rope bridge to Carrick-A-Rede island and enjoyed a truly cliff top experience. As we each stepped and walked over the small wooden bridge I could see where we were all taking a stand and stepping over our fear. I felt like a CONQUERER for Jesus! I have to admit though, even though Ireland is beautiful and the weather was nearly perfect for all of our hiking and sights. The HIGHLIGHT of my day was praying for this older gentleman, Richard.

Richard is bedridden at the moment healing from a broken hip and slurs his words a bit when he speaks making it a little hard to understand him. However, with the love of God and through Jesus we made an instant bond and had marvelous communication. Teri, Katrina and I were able to pray over him and read different verses from the bible over healing. As we read and prayed you could the warmth in his eyes and his love for Jesus overflowing. I cried as I hugged him goodbye, praying for a sound mind and healing over this man. He smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked to pray for us in return. The Holy Spirit’s presence was so strong that I knew not only did we impact Richard’s life today, but he also left an imprint in ours.

Last but not least, I have to briefly mention last night’s service here in Celebration Church Ireland. I can honestly say, with the exception of the Irish accent I felt like I was right back at home in the Midtown campus. Praise and worship was amazing, and Mike even played bass with the worship team! Pastor Scott honored us by asking us if we could participate in his service by recording a brief 1 min video regarding what it meant for us individually to Take Heart, Take Hold, & Take Ground. To see our faces on the screen pouring out words of encouragement to Ireland and also for ourselves was truly Godsend. It was “unplanned” but yet God strategically aligned each and every one of us with the words to intentionally speak. I know not all of us called for missionary based work, but you’d be surprise how a smile can really make someone’s day. In the end it’s about spreading God’s love and doing works for HIS purpose, and not ours. As “unplanned” as your day may seem, remember that God’s plans are always bigger than ours!

From Ireland with love…



~ by Celebration Missions on September 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “N. Ireland (Sept 2011) Substance Crew-God’s Strategic Planning”

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your post. I love how God opens so many doors just b/c we are willing to walk through them. This is such an encouraging word for so many people. We need to step aside and just let God do His thing! AMEN!!! Thank you for sharing! Hugs & Love!! XO

  2. Tears as I read, remembering the moments of that day and all the days while there. Thank you Ileana! We are imprinted forever.

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