God kissed my heart

Yesterday as we were walking through the town, I wanted to make sure my daughter Lainey noticed the conditions some people live in and the way a lot of the homes were kind of tacked together over time.

Me:  Do you see how these homes are built with pieces of scraps found here and there; sheets of metal and pieces of wood?

Lainey:  Yeah, that’s called recycling.

Proud mama.

Later in the day we had the opportunity to go to Iglesia Celebracion (Celebration Church Costa Rica).  They were conducting a feeding center for homeless men, most of whom are addicted to drugs and look pretty rough.  I wanted to “prepare” Lainey for the sights and smells we may encounter.

Me:  These men are homeless so they’re going to be really smelly, okay?

Lainey:  So are we.  We’ve been walking around all day.

Proud mama.

We went to an area called San Martin where our kids played with the neighborhood kids.  My bilingual daughter made new friends by talking up the locals.  She became a Mini-missionary and invited some teen girls to church Sunday.  She made a BFF named Gaudy who told us she was 11 but had a Facebook page.  (“Mom, can I have a FB page too?”  “No.”)   They played simple games like jump rope and drew with sidewalk chalk.   It was so amazing to stand back and watch my beautiful child loving local kids so unconditionally, totally accepting and enjoying them.

Proud mama.

We got to meet Britany, the girl we have sponsored for 3 years.  What a delight to finally hug her!  We have been sending and receiving letters all these years.  She and Lainey exchanged matching “hermana” (sister) anklets in a moment that kissed my heart.  God is truly good!

I have so much more to tell you but my Costa Rican breakfast is almost ready.   We’re hiking up to the crosses on the hill today so I’ll need my Costa Rican nourishment.  🙂

Elisa Malo Brooks


~ by Celebration Missions on November 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “God kissed my heart”

  1. So happy for u!!!! I can’t wait to hear more. I’m hoping maybe I can drop by tues nite to see u guys? Our last goodbye

  2. Like mother, like daughter. How could she been anything less than fabulous like her momma!

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