2012 OP N. Ireland Mission Team

Yesterday was all about Chruch and God. We started off setting up the stage and chairs for the Church. It’s being held in the Hub, where we had the festival outreach on Saturday. It was an awesome day to see the church come together piece by piece and how amazing it was to see the volunteers all come ready to set up the stage and all the surroundings, band, sound system, chairs, just everything. Just watching the house of the lord come together and people come to worship and hear the word of God was breathtaking. Since the church is being held at the local community center, we are in the heart of the people we are hear to help. The weather was beautiful. No rain so far, so families came to the park at the center and we were able to get to meet some of them. Today we will do some Team House clean up and help Rachel all we can.


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