Substance N Ireland Missions Trip 2012

#LoveCraigavon… I thought I understood the idea. I thought I knew what it was all about. Boy, was I completely wrong! You don’t fully understand the concept until you experience it. And we were completely overwhelmed by it today. The day started off with a trip through Lurgan, talking to the locals bringing #LoveCraigavon to their attention, and the precessence of Celebration Church N Ireland. Bus ministry and lunch was nice. Had a good chance to intake the local social culture. Then we got to the Brownlow Hub, and things got real. We started with a litter clean up through Legahory and Tullygally. The people of the community were stoked to see that someone cared enough to clean it up. We made our way to the Catholic community divider line (a division of right within the area that seperates Catholics from Prodestants) cleaning as we went, then pressed forward. Pastor John lead with boldness and love as we greeted anyone we saw. At the end of our journey, we found a small store and were greeted by some students that go to Fuse. It was a pleasant surprise. We decided that we had spent enough time in dangerous territory and headed back. On our way back, we stopped at what I call the NF3 Bridge. The strongest message that this bridge held in the past was “No Fun, No Freedom, No Future” hence the NF3 Bridge name. I say that it was the strongest message in the past because a group of teens from Church of the Highlands came last month and COVERED the wall in uplifting scripture and love messages. You could feel the power of spiritual warfare radiating from this place. But it didn’t hit the team and I fully until we placed our hands on the wall. At that point, the Holy Spirit completely engulfed us, and we felt nothing but love and hope come over us from that wall. The presence of God was felt, no question about that. The best part about it was the company we had during this all. As we started to pray, 3 students from the community walked up and saw us, 2 of which were at church with us Sunday. As we continued, the students were smoking right next to us, and buying drugs from a dealer. Pastor John took that opportunity to talk to the kids in love, and pour out into them. After we were done praying, we were joined by two guys around 22 years in age. We were told that they had graffitied the wall 6 years before we arrived, and their names were on the wall we were praying over. They both agreed that it was silly, and really realized that what we were doing was changing the community. Hope is Rising! Wrecked and overwhelmed by the events of today, we returned to the team house. So, here I sit, writing to you, hoping to decompress all that happened today. Words cannot describe the emotions and passion I felt today for Craigavon. This place is surely becoming a beacon of light for Jesus, that soon the whole country will see. God be praised for the breakthrough that Celebration Church N Ireland is orchestrating.
~Pat O’Gara


~ by Celebration Missions on July 10, 2012.

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