We Are The Church!

The trip thus far has been humbling, insightful, powerful and unequivocally God-driven. I am genuinely proud of our church for truly believing in a vision which sparks transformational actions around the globe. The people in Northern Ireland are hungry for hope, love and a future. The tremendous work and progress Pastor John and team have made here has been absolutely phenomenal.  This week our team participated in a prayer walk, entering the deepest part of a non-accepting neighborhood Celebration Church has ever walked through. This neighborhood was full of darkness, tension and a lack of self-worth. As a group we experienced the tension as we picked up trash, viewing abandoned homes and pockets of kids roaming around in cliques. This neighborhood was infested with broken homes.  Validating such disparity was when we witnessed a teenager selling drugs less than 10 feet away from our group at one point.  Our prayer walk was extremely powerful.  It was great looking over the positive messages and scriptures past teams left under various bridges within the local community. We ran in to several people across different estates that either knew of or heard about Celebration Church.  The love of our church is pouring out to the people in Northern Ireland and the darkness is fading. You can truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you are reading this and are being led to participate in a missions trip –  DO IT! Allow God to shake you up and get absolutely wrecked! Help advance the Kingdom of God and allow for transformational spiritual growth in yourself. This experience has been filled with everlasting memories, self-reflection and divine appointments.  

God Bless, Jeremy Pope


~ by Celebration Missions on July 11, 2012.

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