Sub30 Costa Rica- Tuesday;)

First off, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for each and every one of my team members. God chose each one of us to go on this specific trip at this time and has unified us together to have an amazing experience doing all that God had planned in advance for us on this trip. I am so thankful that He placed us in the hands of such incredible leaders (Tony and Jessica) whom have been a constant source of encouragement. They both truly demonstrate the love of Christ. For that reason and many more that I can’t even put in to words, I am so thankful to be under such great leadership.
This is my second time coming to Costa Rica with a Sub30 mission team. I went two years ago and I knew that I would eventually come back but I just didn’t know when. Because of this, I was able to see all the incredible work that God has done in Alajuelita through 6:8 ministries and Celebration Church Costa Rica since then. I know that He has so much more for this city that He is orchestrating even as I am writing this. Even in the midst of the pure evil and darkness we’ve experienced (as mentioned in the previous blog), God is preparing new things for Alejuelita so that His glory would shine even brighter in this place. So that His love and the hope He freely gives would spread to all of the lost, bonded, and broken that He has his arms open wide to, waiting for them to come home and accept the unconditional, boundless, never-ending love of their true father. Isaiah 42:9 and Isaiah 43:18-19 have continually been on my mind the entire trip, starting on the plane ride here. It basically says forget the past and the former things, because God is doing a new thing and making a way where there was once not one. I believe that God is continuing to do exactly that. It’s already begun in El Cafetal(refer to previous blog) with prayer and in the barrio we visited with the feeding center, as well as, all the other ministry opportunities that God has already has made a way for in once seemingly hopeless and impossible places to reach in this city.
Personally, one of the most amazing things for me was to reconnect with a family I had met on my previous trip. On Sunday when we were serving at the service, I recognized a woman that I had met last time I was here. We had visited the barrio where she resided twice out of the seven days that we were here. One of my teammates spoke Spanish fluently as a result of majoring in Spanish in school. She was able to converse with her and they made a connection. At the time, there was a language barrier for me because I had not yet become interested in learning Spanish. But really God’s love is not bounded by any kind of barriers. I played with her precious now 6 year old daughter Francini and tried to take part in some way in the conversations between her mom, Sandra, and my teammate. After the service, I went out on a limb and talked to her. I didn’t know exactly how to say what I wanted to in Spanish and I wasn’t sure if she would remember me. Doubts started to enter my mind but I decided to talk to her anyways. Sure enough, God gave me the words to speak and she remembered once I reminded her about my friend. Then she mentioned that she had given me her earrings. We conversed for a little and I played with Francini. Then I was reminded of all the donations I received from the little girl that I babysit. She happens to be the same age but all the clothes she gave to me are from when she was four but happen to be the just the right size for Fracini. Seriously, it was only by God that I was able to fit the clothes, a rolling Dora the explorer backpack, three extra pairs of women’s tennis shoes, coloring supplies and hygiene items in my suitcase. All this was for this family and He knew exactly what they needed and He made a way to get it here.
Today, I was blessed by the opportunity to actually deliver it to them personally and watch the expression of this precious little girl open all these gifts that Her heavenly father wanted bless her with. I also took a pair of new Nike shoes that were given to me by one of the my co leaders I serve with at Fuse to give Sandra (the mom). I wasn’t sure that they would fit her but they were able to fit in my suitcase so they were meant to be here for a reason and that reason was for Sandra because the shoes fit
– Ashley


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