Today was an amazing day! We went to a place called “The Hideout”. It is an abandoned hotel where squatters have settled. Most of the people living there are single mothers with their children. Sadly, a lot of the women have turned to prostitution for income. The team was really heartbroken at the conditions there. The awesome part is Celebration Church Zimbabwe has the same heart for outreach that we do back home in the states. We played games, provided a meal, & showed the love of Jesus to everyone there! God is so good!!

On a personal note, my wife Liz and I were able to meet one of our sponsored children from Mission of Mercy. Her name is Blessing & it fits perfectly! She is a sweet, beautiful, & smart. We were able give her a Veggietales journal/sketchbook & a jump rope. She loved them both! We were both so sad when she had to go. I guess we have to move here, so we can see her more often. :).

I have attached some photos of “The Hideout” & Blessing. Please keep us in your prayers. We have a huge week coming up preparing for Shine.

JP & Liz Ott










~ by Celebration Missions on August 13, 2012.

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