2012 Costa Rica Married Couples Mission Trip- Reflecting Back

This years mission trip to Alajeulita, Costa Rica was the most memorable and rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Not only was this our first mission trip but also the honeymoon trip for my wife and I. I couldn’t be any happier/grateful to have been led by leaders (Eric & Marta Sotolongo; Chris & Christy Bultman) who have a heart after God’s. It was because of their leadership, hard work and perseverance our team had great synergy which ultimately led to an amazing experience and outcome- and for that we (my wife and I) are extremely grateful!

At a team meeting prior to our departure, Eric, led by the Holy Spirit, planted a seed into my heart which ultimately led to a renewal of perspective and forgiveness. Having the opportunity to serve the people of Alajuelita in conjunction with 6:8 ministries, I realized that my problems were trivial in comparison to what they faced on a day to day basis. Further, it become a platform for me to seek God first and his righteousness above my own understanding. After witnessing firsthand the high level of joy and happiness exhibited by the people despite their meager lifestyle I’ve come to realize that we are truly blessed to live in a country like the U.S!! We take so much for granted (clean water, hot showers, access to food to name a few) that I truly felt ashamed at times.

We traveled to Costa Rica on a mission to save lives/marriages (which we successfully achieved) however, when we reflect back, we realized this trip will be the one reason why our new marriage will be able to overcome any trials/tribulations we have in the future! We’ve learned so much and am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to serve Christ, Celebration Church and the people of Alajuelita!

-Paul & Grace Lim


~ by Celebration Missions on August 15, 2012.

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