LA Dream Center- Recap

Since we did not have easy access to a computer or WiFi during our trip I am currently writing from the LAX airport to summarize the last couple of days of our trip.
After our awesome experience at Skid Row on Wednesday everyone was pumped and prayed up for Thursday’s adventures. We broke up into groups again and our group went to pack up the food trucks and pass out groceries to the local people in need. There was some heavy lifting when we were loading the trucks but it was so much fun. We loved all of our leaders because they truly just loved the people that they were serving. Thursday night we all got ready and went to our first service at the Angelus Temple. It was definitely an interesting experience and a lot of fun.
Friday morning we all got up and got ready to split up into different groups again. Our group separated donated items to pass out to different families in different areas. It was very eye opening, seeing how much we had just in our backpacks and dorm rooms at the Dream Center versus how little these people had on a day to day basis. Later on we met up again after lunch to go down to the Shell station and offer to wash car windows. We encountered some people who were definitely surprised at our generosity to serve them without expecting anything in return. It was amazing to see their faces light up like that. Friday night a small group of people went out and passed out sandwiches, chips, and opportunities for prayer to people on Skid Row. From what I heard it was a lot of fun and a great experience.
All in all this trip taught us to just love people. We met many people that had so little but loved so much. It was crazy to walk into a place and know that almost every single person we ran into had a moving testimony. They have all come so far and are still walking it out, leaning on God as their strength. We learned so many things and will be coming back with new hearts.


~ by Celebration Missions on August 18, 2012.

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