LA Dream Center!!

We didn’t have WiFi while on the trip so we are just now posting our blog entries.

Today is day two of our adventure at the LA Dream Center and I’m just going to dig right in. Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Just the fact that we are on the other side of the country and we get to see a real sunset every night still blows my mind. The atmosphere here is so different. The areas that we travel in are desperate for God and we have this amazing opportunity to bring it to them! On our first day we got to tour the building and hear about the different ministries they offered. After a long day of travels we ate dinner at the diner with a large spectrum of people, ranging from homeless to staff. It’s so cool to be able to sit and listen to some of their testimonies. It shows how big God really is.
Today started the outreaches. First we all broke up into different teams with different responsibilities like kitchen duty, laundry duty, or project prevention; I was on project prevention. The most amazing and hands on experience I’ve had. Basically the dream center’s team gets informed of families who need items such as beds, dressers, food, etc so that they can keep custody of their children. We got together and bagged a ton of donated food and were able to bring it to a family in need. On the way out the pastor leading us stopped and talked to an inquisitive family about what we were doing and we all were able to pray with the family because they were out of work and not doing well health-wise. Praise Jesus!
Later today we sat down at lunch across from a man who was living at the dream center and got to hear his amazing testimony of how he was addicted to heroine and found himself waking up in a gutter and decided he needed help. Two years later he is graduated from their discipleship program and currently being healed of skin cancer!! After lunch we rested and then gathered by the diner to go out and do a kids outreach which was a ton of fun. We drove over to a neighborhood and set up buckets of water with sponges, squirt guns, and jugs and just splashed around with the kids. The heart of the Kidz Jam team is just incredible. We had never seen people love kids so much until today. It was just the best experience ever! But sadly it is 1:55 am over here which means it’s 4:55 at home so it’s time to rest up but more posts will be coming soon!

Karen here updating for team serving at the LA Dream Center.  We had a long day on Monday, arriving from our coast to coast travel.

When we arrived at the Dream Center we had our orientation and tour.  During the tour we got to go to the top of the roof, which was amazing because you can see the entire city of Los Angeles.

We dine with the rest of the community, and are meeting so many interesting people with awesome testimonies.  

On Tuesday, we were split up into groups and given different ministry assignments.  The men on our team were assigned to a construction project.  One set of ladies were assigned to laundry.  The other set of ladies were assigned to prayer day at Angelus Temple, and later Project Prevention.  Project Prevention provides families that have open DCFS cases with basic needs to meet the requirements of their case, to keep the family together.

During the Project Prevention assignment the team delivered food, and prayed with them. As we were leaving we ran into another family that asked us where we were from.  Matt, a staff person here at the Dream Center explained the vision of the Dream Center, and asked if we could pray with them.  We prayed with them, and after prayer, Matt asked them if either of them had a digestive or eye problem.  The wife said she had an eye problem, and Matt laid hands on her.

After lunch, the entire team served together in two rough neighborhoods, engaging the children in activities and water fights!  The name of this ministry is Kid’s Dream Zone, and the staff is amazing with the kids!


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