Chick Night in Zim

We are now home & I am still overwhelmed by everything we experienced in Zimbabwe. All I can think about is the beauty & joy I saw in every single one of those women & children. The second Friday we were there we had a ‘Chick Night’, where we had the extreme honor & privilege of giving manicures, massages & makeup sessions to ladies from all villages & cities, miles & miles away! Over 200 ladies came!! Some of the women we met was their first time to ever receive any pampering like that! They were all so filled with joy & love it was very emotional. At one point I got to go into the bathroom where one of the ladies serving was washing all of the women’s hands & then I would put lotion on their hands. Thankful isn’t even a word I can give to how my heart was feeling. One lady was giggling while I put lotion on her hands. She told me it’s because my hands were so soft, & then hit me..Proverbs 31. That’s all I could think of when looking at them. Their hands were rough & beyond beautiful to me. I could only imagine the work, sweat, love & tears they put into each day for all of their families. I was wrecked. After all the women received their pampering, they were provided with dinner! This was just one of the many joys we got to experience while there. The following morning was SHINE! The pampering continued for even more ladies! Pure Joy!! Until next time. ❤

Liz Ott


~ by Celebration Missions on August 22, 2012.

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