Costa Rica day 2

Another special day in the mission fields. This is my first missions trip and I am honored to say God knows what He is doing. I am on a small, loving, passionate team that truly loves God and all His people. I have always had a passion for people so spending time in the Field with such a loving group is awesome.

Today we started out with our usual wonderful breakfast prepared by a fantastic team. Once again the in-house teams sat calmly waiting for the traveling team to eat first leading by example and putting us first. Oddly I believe this was one of my stretches. Being put first. But it wouldn’t be right to rob them of the joy of serving so I reluctantly start eating before they even dish up. Ah the mission fields. The in-house team is filled with spectacular people who clearly love and want to serve God. God knows what he is doing.

We took a hike as a team to a cross up in the mountains this morning. A beautiful view and a pleasant start to the day. Our next task was to feed children in a government-funded neighborhood.. It seems the efforts of few are appreciated by many. I had the pleasure of following one of the local based team members around the neighborhood. Our job, spread the lord that we are here to feed and serve. Ir wads apparent from the reaction of te children that this team, and especially this woman, had been free before. Seeing the light Inc the eyes of the children, not only in this neighborhood, but in the next one we visited that afternoon just to play with and love on the children, made it very clear to me that a few well purposes people can accomplish great things in the name of God. For all of you out there wondering if your efforts would make a difference, I the newly am here to tell you yes it can. God empowers people to do his work. Seeing this teams genuine reliance on God through a true relationship with Him has humbled this Christian man. Do not wait 47 years like I did to get out into the world and show others Gods love. Show up, trust Him to do the rest!’


~ by Celebration Missions on September 1, 2012.

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  1. God bless you as you grow in service to others by being the hands and feet of our Lord. May you always sense His heart in the service you are doing.

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