St Johns Campus Costa Rica 2012

Day 4

Wow today was an awesome day. We had our day off today. We got up extra early and had a light breakfast. We were out the door at 7:30am and had a long road trip ahead of us. The road trip started off with an hour of the craziest traffic I have ever seen. They don’t have the same road rules as we do in the states and motorcycles were flying in between vehicles like there was no tomorrow. After that we made a quick pit stop in Alajuela. We took some pictures and listened to the history from our guide. Back on the road again and the next stop was a coffee plantation called Cafe Tres Generations plantation. This was so cool because there were miles of coffee trees and we got to take some pictures again and then went to the little shop there. We all got some awesome coffee to bring back to the states. Once again we were in the bus and on the road with a very bumpy ride up the mountain to get to our next destination. We went to a volcano named Poas and hiked up to the top. This was a great sight to see when the clouds were not blocking the view. We got some pretty good pictures of the crater and then went to the shop there for some souvenirs for our loved ones. We left Poas and went on to the main attraction of the day. We went to a really cool place called La Paz water gardens. It was a small zoo like place but was in a mountainous rain forest setting. It had great big waterfalls and all kinds of animals. We walked up and down thousands of stairs and got to hold and pet some of the animals, like butterflies and birds and even humming birds. We all had a blast and we all laughed so much we were in tears lol. Thanks go out to Mike and Jim for most of those laughs. After eating at a buffet at La Paz, we walked it off with more stairs. At the end of the hike was the great waterfalls and they were huge. There were two that we looked at and the first one was 85 feet tall and the second one was 120 feet tall. After an awesome day at the wonderful location it was time to head back home. Once again we are on the bus and having a long bumpy two-hour ride home. We are all tired and going to bed now and wish everyone a blessed goodnight.


P.S.Bree I miss you and the girls…



David Collins


~ by Celebration Missions on October 19, 2012.

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