St Johns Campus Costa Rica 2012

Final Day

As we pack and prepare to head home to a more familiar life we are all having a feeling of excitement mixed in with sadness. The Tico’s (Costa Rican’s) are going on with their daily life which is mostly just trying to survive. We know that God will take the smallest thing we have done while we were here and maginfy them for generations. We had the privaledge to show God’s Love to the children that learned a simple song or a new english word, the families who received food and medical care, the men who ate a meal during the week and worshiped God or the Tico’s who saw a group of Gringo’s pick up trash in their park. The team saw the miracle of God feed over 200 children with barely enough food to feed 100 as we marveled at a community that has 10,000 people living in a 1 mile radius where the path between the front doors is not wider that 6 foot and full of sewage.

Through all the pain and suffering a small child will show up and greet us with a smile and show us that the children do not look at their surroundings but live life as if the day is full of opportunity.

We leave behind a group of missionaries whose life is dedicated to follow God and water the seeds that this team has planted and the teams that come behind will continue the work God did through us along with 6:8 Ministries.

As we say goodbye to the Tico’s, our bodies are sore and hearts are broken but we are reminded that God is bigger than any problem we leave behind and just as we started expecting God to change the Tico’s situation, we were the ones changed. Our prayers will always be for God to help the Tico’s as we know that the true miracle of this week was the way God touched Rich, Dave, Jim, Marty, Dana, Samantha, Teresa, Amber, Natalie and myself in a way that we could have never imagined.

Please pray for Costa Rica and the miracles that God is still doing.

God Bless,



~ by Celebration Missions on October 22, 2012.

One Response to “St Johns Campus Costa Rica 2012”

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! God bless Costa Rica ❤

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