LA Dream Center – We have arrived and found a computer!

DAY 1: Sorry this is late but was had an issue with getting a computer.  We’re all set now, so away we  go!

As we start our decent, I look outside of  plane window and begin to wonder how fast we must be going. Everything starts to become a blur as we climb higher and higher off of the ground. When the plane begins to level, i notice how the geography/ topography of the land starts to change. I then begin to notice how beautifully and colorfully the neighborhoods begin to come alive with the colors of brown and green with a splash of blue to indicate a pool. The higher up we get, the more I become amazed about how God had designed such a beautiful work of art. God knew that we would come along someday and reshape the land and re-model his beautiful work. Viewing the earth from high above only shows the beauty of Gods planning. We often over look such simple beauty/ blessings until we begin to see them from a different perspective.

The plane is now flying high over the clouds. When i look outside, i notice that above us is the brightest blue sky i have ever seen while below us is a sea of white clouds. these are not the fluffy white clouds often placed in pictures, but a flat, even landscape of white clouds. the further i look out into the distance, i notice that there appears to be a invisible line seperating the two colors. At first glance, we appear to be standing still. If it wasn’t for the occasional bumps, i would have never guessed that the plan was in motion. Instantly i begin to think about how God is moving in our lives. Even though it may seem as if nothing is happening or we are not getting an immediate response to some of the things we pray for, we have to remember that God is always moving in our lives. Just like the plane, God is moving so fast in our lives that we often see it as him being still.

When we arrive at the Dream Center, we are briefed about the different missions we will be encountering through out the week as well as the official rules of the Center. Our guide then takes us up to the rooftop so we can get a birds  eye view of the dream center. We are instantly blown away by the beauty of our surroundings.  Every ounce in a while, we will experience something that can not be captured in words. This was that moment. Immediately we are bathed in the landscape and washed in the warmth of why we are here. It finally hits us. The mission begins NOW!!!

Day 2:  For the morning, we split up into two separate groups.  Three of us split off for kitchen duty.  We worked the line!  We had no idea what to expect, and it was surprise as we receive such friendly responses from everyone.  It was a great opportunity to serve.  After 285 people came through for breakfast, we were ushered into the kitchen to make preparations for breakfast tomorrow then off on a tour of the food pantry.  Not only does the Dream Center provide meals and food for Dream Center activities, but they also provide food to other local missions.

The other eight went on a Project Prevention outreach visiting four homes.  These are loving families that are in need of assistance in providing for their children before DCS comes and takes them away.  The Dream Center will come in and provide food, clothing, beds, whatever the family needs and will continue to not only support them with materials but also spiritually until they get back on their feet.  As the team headed out on this mission they were expecting to bless the families but they also received!  By the Dream Center providing this service, they saved the city of LA $530,000 last year.  It is more expense for the city to take children out of the home, so when loving families are faced with this scenario, it is a blessing the Dream Center can step in and provide assistance.

After lunch, we went to Compton which is a hard area hit by drugs and gang violence.  There were several things happening at this outreach: handing out food, praying for the adults, and playing with the kids.  We were playing with the kids and agreed the time went to fast!  After playtime, the kids were seated for a lesson taught by individuals involved with the Dream Center intern programs.


Team Fearless


~ by Celebration Missions on May 30, 2013.

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