Day 5

Today is the last day of our adventure with the LA Dream Center and what an amazing expereince it was. Today we were assigned to help out with Adopt A Block.

We start the day by rallying in the gym with both the long term and short term teams to get our assigned neighborhoods. We have been selected to work along side the short term missions team from Georgia and the Celebration Church team from Fresno. Our assignment….. McArthur Park.

As we arrive at the park, we noticed that it is filled with families awaiting our arrival. We spring into action loading the tarp with clothes, toys, beauty products, toiletries, and other various supplies. As the families start to load their plastic bags with supplies, we start walking all around the park, playing with the kids and inviting their families to the LA Dream Center for a Drive In showing of Monsters Inc.

This was a great time to get one last fellowship in with the community and it could not have been a better experience. Ounce all of the flyers have been passed out, we descend on the playground. Playing, laughing, swinging, fellowship, and taking in the laughter of the children as we become kids ourselves.

Our last stop was a trip to Venice Beach. There we witness something that can not be felt through the images we often see over TV shows and in movies. The sights and smell of the fresh salt water and the cool wind blowing on our faces as we walk along the famous board walk. All of the sights and colors of tourist t-shirts in the many souvenir shops. Even the famous, and quite small, outdoor gym ounce used my their ex governor himself, fails to be described in words.

The last day of our Dream Center was truly the saddest day. Leaving such a well-organized community center has left us with lasting ideas and inspirations about the things we can do back home in Jacksonville. Time for a new missions trip. Tomorrow we will be on our way to the Jacksonville Dream Center.


~ by Celebration Missions on June 2, 2013.

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