Sisterhood Northern Ireland Missions Trip: “We’ve Arrived!!!”

Hi all! We have all arrived safe and sound(and extremely jet-lagged), and all received our luggage. We arrived in Dublin this morning around 8:30am ready to seize the day. The weather was just PHENOMENAL! A bright, sunny, crisp Irish morning was just what we needed to motivate us for the special day Pastor John and the team had planned for us.

Pastor John picked us up and took us straight to “Castlewallen Park” for a picnic lunch and a walk through a maze. Mind you, the scenery was beautiful, but even the drive anywhere you go really is like what you see in the movies. Greenery EVERYWHERE. It’s amazing to see God’s pure creation the way He intended it instead of man-made architecture. Breathtaking. After our picnic and maze, we drove a few minutes down the road to another park: “Tolley . We followed a path (or two or three and may or may not have gotten lost :)) We drove to Newcastle to eat at “Maud’s”, a fabulous cafe on their beach.

We headed to the team house in the evening for a debrief and walk-through. It was great to meet most of the ladies heading up the Sisterhood over here in Ireland; Katie, Andrea, Danielle…looking forward to meeting more and seeing how much of a difference they are doing at Celebration.

As we are all preparing to get some sleep this evening, I think about what the trip would be like if even one of us ladies didn’t come. Each of us have such a purpose and talent for this specific trip to help empower the women over here, and also to help lift up and empower each other within our team. I feel like God has been showing me personally how to be like Christ and love others instead of just preaching it. I’m learning it is most definitely a team effort in this journey we are on. In Philippians 1:27-30 is the perfect scripture I feel God totally gave me yesterday. “Meanwhile, live in such a way that you are a credit to the Message of Christ. Let nothing in your conduct hang on whether I come or not. Your conduct must be the same whether I show up to see things for myself or hear of it from a distance. Stand united, singular in vision, contending for people’s trust in the Message, the good news, not flinching or dodging in the slightest before the opposition. Your courage and unity will show them what they’re up against: defeat for them, victory for you-and both because of God. There’s far more to this life than trusting in Christ. There’s also suffering for Him. And the suffering is as much a gift as the trusting. You’re involved in the same kind of struggle you saw me go through, on which you are now getting an updated report in this letter.”

As this is just the first day on our week long trip, it has proved to be a wonderful day thus far. I can’t wait to see how God uses me here. I think personally, I can’t wait to see how God will challenge me in becoming more like Him with my teammates.

->Ashley Nicks


~ by Celebration Missions on June 10, 2013.

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