FUSE Costa Rica — Day 2

The Internet around here is a little spotty so we weren’t able to blog yesterday….but better late than never! 🙂

The plane ride down was smooth, full of lots of laughs and nervous excitement. When we landed we had lunch and met the 6:8 staff and debriefed and talked about rules while here – then we were off! We took a tour of the surrounding area and stop number 1 was the coffee field just blocks from Celebration CR and the team house. This coffee field is so overgrown, it’s not tended to anymore and is currently a place were people dump trash, homeless people live, prostitutes conduct ‘business’ and where drug addicts and alcoholics come and seek refuge from reality. The saddest part is that these people have resorted to drinking lighter fluid in an effort to numb the pain of their life. It is interesting being with a group of students who are between 14-17 years old and to gauge their reactions to this reality. The thing that particularity struck a chord with me was the realization that the female students on this team fit perfectly into the mold of when many girls around here begin prostituting. Some of them are ‘recruited’ from schools and told they will make money for their families and are promised new clothes and cell phones —- the part that is a tough pill to swallow is hearing that for many of these girls, their own families have pushed them into this lifestyle as a way to help provide for the family.

After the coffee field we spent some time in the park playing with some kids who were out and prayed over the mayors office who is getting ready to bring in a new mayor. The current mayors relationship with Pastor Miguel is SO vital to Celebration CR and 6:8 so we are praying and believing that this new mayor will be as receptive to the church and ministry.

Wednesday morning we woke up for breakfast and got ready for the day. We started out doing a scavenger hunt in the surrounding areas – which included praying for people, handing out invites to church and FUSE, trying something local to Costa Rica, doing a good deed and filling up a trash bag full of trash (among a list of about 20 things). It was amazing watching the students get out of their comfort zone and speak to complete strangers, invite them to church and ask to pray with them. The motto around here is 50% comfortable at all times, and the scavenger hunt definitely stretched their capacity.

After that it was time for the homeless feeding ministry at Celebration CR and it was fantastic! One of the homeless men that we got to pray over in the park during our scavenger hunt, we actually invited him and he showed up! The men, around 30 of them, get a mini service of worship and preaching and then we got to feed them all a hot meal. This ministry takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the impact on these men is immeasurable. There have been dozens of men who have been able to get clean and go home to their families because of this ministry.

After this was lunch, which was empanadas, my personal favorite. They were heavenly, as is everything that Miriam cooks for us! Side note: I want to bring her home with me. 🙂

After lunch packed up and headed to 2 communities to play with the kids. We played soccer, basketball, jump rope, played with bubbles and chalk and just showed them what genuine love was. Seeing the joy in their eyes and the smiles on their faces was something that is forever engrained into our hearts.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it… Petey has an obsession with goats (don’t ask) and while at the feeding center today he asked one of Pastor Miguel’s friends “Can I have a goat” (he asked in Spanish though..) … But around here the word for goat can also, in some extremely slang uses, mean “wife” …. So essentially Petey asked this guy if he could have his wife! We all had a good laugh over that one!

So we head back to the team house for dinner at 5:30 followed by chapel and group time. Tonight was extremely powerful, walls were broken down within our team, things were shared and tears were shed. While planning for this trip the word that myself and Petey kept feeling were POWERFUL and MONUMENTAL and it is already shaping up to blow our expectations out of the water. This is only day 2 and I cannot wait to see how these next few days unfold and to see how the healing, restoration, and ultimately, PEACE transforms the lives of this entire team.

We’ll catch you up tomorrow evening.


~ by Celebration Missions on June 13, 2013.

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