Sisterhood Ireland Mission Trip: Walking in His Footsteps

Today we took time off to tour the coast of Northern Ireland. Our first stop was the Giants Causeway, the 4th Wonder of the World. According to legend, the Irish giant Fionn MacCool, accepted the challenge to fight the Scottish giant, Benadonner. The Giants Causeway was built to bridge the Northern channel. When Fionn caught sight of his enemy he became fearful because Benadonner was much bigger than he. So he had his wife disguise him as a baby to try & avoid the fight. But when Benadonner saw the baby, he thought, “How much larger is the father?” So he fled back home & destroyed the bridge along the way.

The Causeway is breathtaking & it makes you marvel at how these hexagonal basalt columns could be made into structural stepping stones. The way to the stones was rocky, unsteady, steep & slippery. Everyone had a desire to reach a certain point or structure/stone.often, the shortest path to the destination isn’t the best route to take. Sometimes, it’s best to broaden your vision so that you can see that the best way may not be the path you originally wanted to take.

As the path got steeper, sometimes it felt like your legs couldn’t take any further. But God puts people on your path who have struggles & needs even more than you. We met a 78 yr. old lady from England who had hip replacements & had stopped because her journey was too much. Together, a few of us who were also struggling, encouraged & accompanied her to continue the journey. It made the steepest part of the journey seem easier, less strenuous & even pleasant. Before we knew it, we made it to the end & made a friend along the way. When we focused on helping others instead of worrying about our personal issues, the journey was much easier to bear.

The next stop was a rope bridge that crossed a 75ft deep by 65ft wide chasm to Carrickarede Island. As a team, we conquered fears & strongholds where released in us. As a Sisters, we gave encouragement & lifted each other up. The Word of God, prayers & the Sisterhood got us over the bridge & back again.

This may sound more like a vacation than a mission trip to most, but maybe God’s plan & purpose wasn’t just for us to help. Others but also to help our own selves. Each of us has something that God is working out in our lives and He wants us to know that He loves us, has a highly plan for us, & that He desires to help us & not harm us. Our life journey, at times, may be difficult to bear, but he brings people to help us along the way. He gives us the Word to give us strength. He gives us sisters who can lift us up, so that, in turn, we could lift up others who also need help.

I think it’s funny how Fionn was so afraid of his enemy that he thought he had to hide. And that when Benadonner saw Fionn & thought about who his father was, he ran away in fear. We don’t have to be fearful because our Father God is strong & mighty and He is much bigger than any of our troubles. He knows our fears & our deepest needs/desires. He sends legions of angels to protect us. When the devil sees Him, he has to run and flee. ” When you know who your Father God is, then you will believe. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,”-John 8:32. Whose footsteps are you walking in? Are you walking in the shadows of the footsteps of God?
–Maria Martinez

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