FUSE Costa Rica – Day 4/5

Yesterday we went zip lining, we pet a crocodile, and we went to the beach/pool. It was cool. Zip lining was scary at first, but then became fun. The crocodiles were cool. But somewhat scary. The guy was feeding them! At the beach I was like coughing up water and junk. Lol. But it was fun.
Today, we fed some kids. They were soooo cute! This one little boy ran up to Lexi and gave her a big hug! It was so cute. And he also bit Peaty’s face. Lol. The Fuse service was awesome but it made me cry though. We sang some of my fav old songs in Spanish! We also introduced them to S’mores! Yay!

– Lainey


~ by Celebration Missions on June 15, 2013.

One Response to “FUSE Costa Rica – Day 4/5”

  1. Lainey, I’m so proud of you for opening up your heart to the kids in Costa Rica! It’s so great to see God working His Plan in your life! Keep seeking Him and He will pour great things into you!
    P.S. Your bravery continually amazes me….

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