Shine Zimbabwe — We made it!

Hello from Zimbabwe!

We have now been here for two days and are having the most incredible time. The flight over was long (about 19-20 hours in total) but we have no complaints! Once we arrived in Zimbabwe we were greeted at the airport by several people from Celebration Zim with songs, love, hugs, and a few tears on our end. The love and hospitality has been so wonderful. It’s like we’ve been family all of our lives; no one has treated us like it is our first time meeting.

The first day we got acclimated to the team house and then went to service at the campus in How Mine, which is a town surrounding a gold mine. Liz spoke an incredible word on very short notice and we spent the night worshipping Jesus with our Zimbabwe brothers and sisters. It gets dark very early here so on the drive home it was already dark and the mine was so pretty lit up on a hill. The stars are so bright here too, just millions and millions of them. It’s so gorgeous!

The highlight of the trip for me so far has been today, where we got to go to the central church campus for two services. For the first service I got to serve in Celebration Kids. That was the moment that it really sunk in that we were here. I looked up during worship and all of the kids were worshipping so passionately, eyes closed and hands raised, praising their Father. I couldn’t have painted a more beautiful picture. One of the songs we sang was in the Shona language and it was so precious to see these kids singing it at the top of their lungs and meaning every word. Loosely translated it says, “He brought me from down here at the bottom and put me up here at the top. He has love for me.”

I was able to attend the next service and it felt like I was right at home in Jacksonville. We truly are all one big Celebration family!

For now we are back at the team house getting some rest before dinner.

Love to all of you back home! We will keep in touch as much as possible.

-Ashley Purser


~ by Celebration Missions on August 11, 2013.

One Response to “Shine Zimbabwe — We made it!”

  1. Prayers are going out for all of you. Thank you so very much for sharing those powerful images with us. Love you – Mom

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