Shine Zimbabwe Day 5

We just finish our team meeting. We had a great time with the Lord! We all told him how much we loved Him and we felt so much love from Him. We were just overwhelmed by His love! God is so good & so real! We also prayed for a miracle to happen ASAP. So be ready to read tomorrow as a testimony is cooking now. =)

Earlier today, while sitting in the back of a school classroom God was telling me how He does not just wants us to go around telling people that God is love and God can do this and that; but that we need to actually show it! We need to actually love them, care for them, and serve them. Then they will be able to understand God’s love through my love, care, and service. So love on someone today! You have no idea how God is working through your love!

We can’t believe Shine starts this Friday! We are expecting and waiting on the Lord to do great things! We are ready to see Him manifest His glory and all His power. Better watch out Zimbabwe! Women of God are getting equipped this weekend.

Daniella Caceda


~ by Celebration Missions on August 15, 2013.

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