Shine Zimbabwe – Day 6

It’s hard to believe it’s already day 6 and we are halfway through our mission’s trip. Shine is only a day away and we are so excited to see how God will bring it all together. As for today it was an experience I know we won’t forget and it impacted us all in different ways.

Our day started out like most other on this trip so far; waking up early and headed to the Central campus. We did a little shine prep then around 10 am we headed to the Hideout Hotel which is one of the Celebration Church’s feeding sites. When we arrived we saw many single story structures appearing to be abandoned. We were then greeted by many smiling faces and immediately the children ran up to us and started holding our hands. The children are so sweet and crave love and attention. After some games, singing and dancing the children formed a line to get their lunch. Abby and I were able to serve them a mixture of rice, soya & mixed vegetables from a large pot. Liz, our team leader, kept the kids entertained while they were eagerly waiting in line. The most heart breaking part for me was when we were running low of rice and the kids were still coming back for seconds and thirds.

Daniella Aug Shine Zim 2013 1291

Celebration Zimbabwe is doing an amazing thing and you can see these little faces being impacted by people loving them and showing God’s love through their actions. They come out every Thursday to encourage, love, play games, sing songs and feed the children at the Hideout Hotel. Celebration also feeds thousands of children a day in Africa at different feeding sites. This is all possible because of our tithes to Celebration Church in the United States so please keep giving.

Thank you,
Mary Smith

Aug Shine Zim 2013 023


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One Response to “Shine Zimbabwe – Day 6”

  1. It is so amazing to see your tithes go to work for you and just how much it can accomplish. What a refreshing thing this is to see. Looks like an amazing experience. 🙂

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