A True Blessing

WOW…My heart is so full right now. We just got back from doing kids ministries in one of the poorest areas. WE arrived with balls, jump ropes, crayons, chalk, and coloring books. The way the kids light up when they see you coming is just so amazing. I got to jump rope with a few little girls and they had such a great time. Uno mas, uno mas is what they kept saying which is one more one more.. I absolutely loved every bit of it. After we played we got to feed them lunch. That was another great moment for me. What 6:8 does here in Alajuelito is just so amazing. They really poor the love of Jesus on the kids. You can really see how happy the kids are when they see the ministry come in to their neighborhood. Even walking through the streets they run up to them and give them hugs with so much excitement and joy. I am having such a great experience here. I have loved every ministry we have done since we have been here and we are only on day 3. I am looking forward to see what else God has in store. Our Sisterhood trip has been so amazing and I definitely plan on doing another one. The Ticos here have a very special place in my heart.. I love them and I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity to be able to come here and show the love of Jesus. It’s truly a blessing to be His hands and feet…. Love and Blessings—Rebecca


~ by Celebration Missions on August 31, 2013.

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