A day in the life of Costa Rica

Its full day number 3 here in Costa Rica, and so far this trip has been nothing short of amazing and humbling. Yesterday was a “now you have seen it all” kind of day, and I don’t mean that in any negative or sarcastic connotation. We began the day in the poorest of poor areas, Verbena. We played with the children,and to see their faces light up over the simplest piece of chalk was truly a humbling experience. To know these children live under a drug lord, in shambles of dirt and poverty, yet still find so much pleasure in their day… it makes you speechless. After touring the area, praying for the residents and feeding the children, we made our way back to the host house only to embark on a journey to downtown San Jose. What started out a fun sight seeing experience mingling among the locals and busyness of the city, quickly turned into despair, darkness and sadness as we entered a brothel. For me, this was a completely uncomfortable situation… being amongst true darkness knowing what goes on in the upstairs of this seemingly high-end hotel. We prayed for the women of this establishment…prayed they would see the light we brought with us. Prayed they would look beyond whatever circumstances or desire they have to be employed there..and saw the life they could have and truly enjoy if they just had the faith, hope and love to do so. It was difficult to leave there without a heavy heart. Yesterday was a reality check for me…. it made me thankful for the life I have and thankful for the opportunity God gives me everyday to live life to the fullest and share joy and happiness to those I encounter. I think often times we as Americans, residents of the land of opportunity, take everything for granted. If its one thing I take away from this trip- although it is impossible to only take one thing away- it’s that I vow to be ever so grateful for my life, my family, friends and my education. You don’t know what you have until you see thousands that don’t have anything even close to what you have.


~ by Celebration Missions on September 1, 2013.

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  1. BTW… the above post was from Nicole 🙂

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